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    Antony Selvanathan

    ... Business Statistics, AU/NZ 7e + Learning Statistics and EXCEL in Tandem, 4e. Business Statistics ... better manager, analyst or economist. New, print versions of this book ...

    ISBN : 9780170279154

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    Eliyathamby A. Selvanathan

    ... from throughout the business world. Many students struggle with statistics. This bestselling ... easy to apply in the business environment.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780170184816

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    Ken Black

    ... . The second edition of Australasian Business Statistics prepares students to make informed ... tourism in Australia's desert areas? Does cooperation between stallholders at New Zealand farmers ...

    ISBN : 9780470819470

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    Leicht, Anthony

    ... and academics from across Australia and New Zealand, this brand new resource provides access ... and chapters also include local statistics, guidelines and units of measurement ...

    ISBN : 9781743077139

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    Wang, Bingyu

    ... ' migrants from Asia moving to New Zealand, a place experiencing increasing ethnic ... migration flows into New Zealand. This in turn makes New Zealand a valuable case ...

    ISBN : 9780815368205

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    ... business skills essential for getting ahead in the nail industry.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780170187671

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    Fozdar, Farida; McGavin, Kirsten

    ... expressions of mixed-ness.Buy New

    ISBN : 9781138677708

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    ... . Comprehensively revised and updated, this new edition addresses the most recent ... accounting issues and practices.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780170181587