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    Edition #2

    Robertson, Iain; Robertson, Iain

    ISBN : 9781848222175

    Best Matching Products for buy new arts textbooks

    Graham, Beryl

    ... broadening to include more new media art. Because new media is used as ... , archiving and distributing art, and because new media art might be interactive with ...

    ISBN : 9781409448945

    Edition #2

    Robertson, Iain; Robertson, Iain

    ... in 2011, Iain Robertson's A New Art from Emerging Markets introduced and ... Middle-Eastern and Indian art. The book also considers whether new art markets grow ...

    ISBN : 9781848222175

    Edition #1

    Gussak, David

    ... presents a convincing account of art's ability to reflect a damaged ... to clinical assessment and treatment.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780231162500

    Laster, Margaret R.; Bruner, Chelsea

    ... growing bourgeois and elite classes, New York's built environment was dramatically ... constituted the formative period of New York's modernization and cosmopolitanism—the ...

    ISBN : 9781138493629

    Edition #9

    Michael Day

    ... , principles of design, art history, new developments in art media and technology. It ... brand-new chapter on new media in art education with 22 new images. It ...

    ISBN : 9780495913573

    Edition #1

    O'Neill, Morna

    ... buy pictures by living painters.” Lane assembled a collection of modern art ... interrelationship of event and place.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780300236583

    Edition #1

    Zayaruznaya, Anna; Zayaruznaya, Anna; Zayaruznaya, Anna

    The Monstrous New Art reveals the depth of medieval composers' engagement with monstrous and hybrid creatures and ideas.Buy New

    ISBN : 9781107039667

    Edition #1

    Hagberg, Garry L.; Hagberg, Garry L.

    ... with works of art Forms part of the prestigious New Directions in ... aesthetics and the philosophy of art today Buy New

    ISBN : 9781444337877

    Howie, Paula

    ... and innovative clinicians, this comprehensive new volume provides professionals with cutting ... establishing art therapy, a treatment objectives manual, and resources for art therapists. Buy New

    ISBN : 9781138948631

    Edition #1

    Marks, Laura

    In both classical Islamic art and contemporary new media art, one point can unfold ... works of classical Islamic art and new media art, describing texts that burst ...

    ISBN : 9780262014212