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    Edition #4


    ... delving into more detail about physiology topics.Every new copy of the book ... to an expanded Physiology Place Companion Website, which includes new and updated ...

    ISBN : 9314994249194

    Edition #4

    Cindy L. Stanfield

    Principles of Human Physiology, Fourth Edition features integrated clinical ... critical thinking questions, and a new flowchart visual style that makes ...

    ISBN : 9780321681812

    Edition #4

    Elaine N. Marieb

    ... lab course. Package Components: Interactive Physiology (R) 10-System Suite (IP-10) CD-ROM ... Pearson eText for Anatomy & Physiology, Fourth EditionBuy New

    ISBN : 9780321615879

    Edition #11


    ... content complete, but not overwhelming. New clinical photos in the Homeostatic ... assignment in MasteringA&P. Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Workbook: A Complete Study ...

    ISBN : 9781488607523

    Edition #2
    Edition #6

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    ISBN : 9780323478816

    Edition #2


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    ISBN : 9788291743973

    Tzeng, Gwo-Hshiung ; Shen, Kao-Yi

    ... book, the authors introduce a new framework of MCDM, which can ... be included to illustrate the new hybrid approaches. Buy New

    ISBN : 9781498777087