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87 search results for buy new southern cross university textbooks

    Best Matching Products for buy new southern cross university textbooks
    Best Matching Products for buy new southern cross university textbooks
    How Writing Works - A field guide to effective writing

    Roslyn Petelin

    ... write better to get through uni or progress in your career ... WKG INDIGENOUS CHILDREN & FAMILIESBuy New

    ISBN : 9781925266917

    Introduction to Limnology

    Stanley I. Dodson

    Course Codes : , BIO01204

    ... is written for intermediate undergraduate college students with some science background ... , EFB336, BIO01204 - Wetland EcosystemsBuy New

    ISBN : 9780072879353

    The Recording Engineer's Handbook

    Bobby Owsinski

    Course Codes : , MUS10508

    ... text on audio recording in college courses all over the world. ... Sound Theory & Recording TechniqueBuy New

    ISBN : 9781285442013

    ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription

    American College of Sports Medicine

    Course Codes : , EXSC260 , BIO10497 , CEP03362 , EXSS5058

    ... certification suite from the American College of Sports Medicine, "ACSM's Guidelines ... and Training for Physical FitnessBuy New

    ISBN : 9781609139551

    Basic Business Statistics + PHStat Access Kit for Statistics

    Berenson, Mark; Levine, David; Szabat, Kathryn; O'Brien, Martin; Watson, Judith; Jayne, Nicola

    Course Codes : , MAT10251

    This pack contains 1 copy of Basic Business Statistics and 1 printed access card to PHStat Access Kit for Statistics. Berenson's clear and consistent explanations of how and why accepted statistical techniques are used ...

    ISBN : 9781488608827

    Essentials of Assessment Report Writing

    Lichtenberger, Elizabeth O.

    Course Codes : , PSY404 , BHS20007

    ... Department of Special Education at University of Arizona. Nadeen L. Kaufman ... on the faculty at Yale University and are Essentials of Psychological ...

    ISBN : 9780471394877

    Anatomy & Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing, 5th (with Anatesse Software Printed Access Card)

    Course Codes : SPH308 , BIO20001 , ANAT1022 ,

    ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY FOR SPEECH, LANGUAGE, AND HEARING, Fifth Edition, provides a solid foundation in anatomical and physiological principles relevant to communication sciences and disorders. Ideal for speech-language ...

    ISBN : 9781285198248

    Australian Taxation Study Manual: Questions and Suggested Solutions 26th Edition

    Les Nethercott

    Course Codes : BUSL320 , ACC00134 , ACC3TAX

    The Australian Taxation Study Manual provides over 290 practical exercises for taxation students. Each question deals with a real-life tax problem, and allows readers to interpret and apply their knowledge of taxation ...

    ISBN : 9780190306342

    Occupational Therapy in Australia Professional and practice issues

    Bourke-Taylor, Helen

    Course Codes : HLT10582 , OCTY1105 , 8349 , OCCT5007 , OCCT1000

    Occupational Therapy in Australia Professional and practice issues, HLT10582 - Intro To Occupational Therapy & Human Oc, OCTY1105 - Foundations In Occupational Therapy Prac, 8349 - Foundations of Occupational Therapy ...

    ISBN : 9781925266634

    Political Ideologies

    Heywood, A

    Course Codes : POLI2001 , POL00005 , POL107

    , POLI2001 - Ideas in Political Science, POL00005 - Ideas & Ideals in Politics, POL107 - Thinking Politically

    ISBN : 9781137606013

    Quick Reference Card: Administrative Law, 2nd Edition


    Course Codes : LAW10068
    Universities : Southern Cross University

    , LAW10068 - Law & Government Decision Making

    ISBN : 9780409337198