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    Intro to Bus Law in AU Bookshop eBundle


    Course Codes : , 6225

    ... students at the University of Canberra. The publication draws material from ...

    ISBN : 9780455237671

    Douglas and Jones's Administrative Law

    Roger Douglas (LaTrobe University, Australia)

    Course Codes : , LAW400 , LAW3ADN , 7018

    Douglas and Jones is well established as a leading text on administrative law, a reliable book notable for its accessibility and contemporary perspective. The 7th edition, in which Roger Douglas is joined in authorship ...

    ISBN : 9781862879171

    Contemporary Police Practice

    Drew, Jacqueline; Prenzler, Tim

    Course Codes : , 2002CCJ , CRIM314 , CCJ22 , 10080 , JST228 , CRM105

    Contemporary Police Practice is a clear and concise introduction to policing in the Australian context. It explores the history of Australian policing to build a foundation for understanding contemporary police practice; ...

    ISBN : 9780195591415

    Modern Auditing and Assurance Services 6E + istudy Card


    Course Codes : , ACCT30004 , ACCT90014 , 6223

    Modern Auditing & Assurance Services, 6th Edition is written for courses in auditing and assurance at undergraduate, postgraduate and professional levels. This text covers auditing theory, concepts and current practice, ...

    ISBN : 9780730315650

    Pharmacology for Nursing and Health Professionals

    McKenna Lim

    Course Codes : , MIDW1005 , NURS1001 , NRSG261 , NSG2MIN , CXA205 , CXA310 , 9054 , CNA253

    Beat pharmacology today with this bestselling resource! McKenna’s Pharmacology for Nursing and Health Professionals delivers essential pharmacological information in easy-to-learn steps, helping you to build a ...

    ISBN : 9781920994983

    Biological Psychology

    James W. Kalat

    Course Codes : HPS205 , , 6663 , 7120

    Dr. James W. Kalat's BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY is widely used for good reason: an extremely high level of scholarship, a clear writing style with amusing anecdotes, and precise examples. Kalat's goals are to make biological ...

    ISBN : 9781305105409

    Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy

    Gerald Corey

    Course Codes : COUN601 , COUN1051 , COUN2061 , , EDUC7008 , PSY20001 , APP3015 , 5549 , 9815 , 7744 , COU101

    Incorporating the thinking, feeling, and behaving dimensions of human experience, the tenth edition of Corey's best-selling text helps you compare and contrast the therapeutic models expressed in counseling theories. ...

    ISBN : 9781305263727

    Managing Employee Performance and Reward: Concepts, Practices, Strategies

    John Shields

    Course Codes : MGMT3728 , 200739 , 21760 , MGMT90016 , WORK6030 , MGT3RPM , 735PCM , BUSS2048 , , 6269 , MGMT3014

    Now in its second edition, Managing Employee Performance and Reward continues to offer comprehensive coverage of employee performance and reward, presenting the material in a conceptually integrated way. This new edition ...

    ISBN : 9781107653535

    Administrative Law Guidebook

    Esparraga, Francisco; Ellis-Jones, Ian

    Course Codes : , 7018

    The Administrative Law Guidebook is your guide to the essentials of administrative law. Learn how to link the key concepts from your lectures, textbooks and tutorials to get the most from your study, improve your ...

    ISBN : 9780195593969

    Developing Communities for the Future

    Susan Kenny

    Course Codes : HCS400 , , 5784

    Developing Communities for the Future provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory, processes and practices of community development. It offers insights into the challenges and dilemmas of this demanding field and ...

    ISBN : 9780170254717

    Community Development in an Uncertain World: Vision, Analysis and Practice

    Jim Ife

    Course Codes : HCS365 , 101632 , CMHL4000 , BHS00130 , , 5784 , 9426 , WELF2010

    In Community Development in an Uncertain World, Jim Ife draws on the principles of social justice, ecological responsibility and post-Enlightenment and Indigenous perspectives to advance new holistic approaches to ...

    ISBN : 9781107543362