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    Best Matching Products for cheap textbooks university of notre dame
    Best Matching Products for cheap textbooks university of notre dame
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    Richard N Aufmann

    Course Codes : , SM203 , SM500 , SM502

    ... students and flexible for instructors, COLLEGE ALGEBRA AND TRIGONOMETRY, Seventh Edition ...

    ISBN : 9781439048603

    35% Off

    Campbell, Coral

    Renowned for its accessible and comprehensive content, Science in Early Childhood is an essential textbook for pre-service early childhood educators., EDUC5508 - Integrated Studies from K-7: Science Focus, ECE220 - ...

    ISBN : 9781108436755

    17% Off

    Association, American Psychological

    ... type of format (such as college and university papers, professional journals, presentations ... to today's research process. Audience: College students, professors, professionals, libraries., -291189 ...

    ISBN : 9781433805615

    18% Off

    Germov, John; Poole, Marilyn

    ... Education and Arts at the University of Newcastle. He is the ... Professor in Sociology at Deakin University. Although now retired and holding ...

    ISBN : 9781743315873

    35% Off

    Billie Cunningham

    Course Codes : , BS111 , ACC1101 , ACCT1001E , ACCT1901D , ACCT1902D

    A business focused introduction to Accounting for all students - not just those intending to be Accounting majors. Lead students through the real-world business cycle and how accounting information informs ...

    ISBN : 9780170253703

    24% Off

    Bottomley, Stephen

    Course Codes : , LAW219 , LAWS256 , LAWS2203 , LAWS3210 , LAWS6203

    Contemporary Australian Corporate Law provides an authoritative, contextual and critical analysis of Australian corporate and financial markets law and is designed to engage today's LL.B. and JD students. Written by ...

    ISBN : 9781316628270

    20% Off

    Carol K. Sigelman

    Course Codes : , PS100 , NUR240 , PSY202

    Why do human beings develop as we do? Help your students gain a deeper understanding of the many interacting forces affecting infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. This locally adapted textbook includes local, ...

    ISBN : 9780170210706

    16% Off

    Caltabiano, Marie Louise

    Course Codes : , PS235 , PSY355 , PSYC637 , BESC1071

    The second edition of Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions continues to draw on the research and theoretical perspectives of many disciplines to illustrate the interrelationship of psychology and health. Using ...

    ISBN : 9780470813454

    16% Off

    Allen, Johnny

    Festival and Special Event Management, 5th edition continues the comprehensive overview of the theory and procedures associated with festivals and special events established in previous editions. The new edition of this ...

    ISBN : 9781742164618