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    Jones, Michael J.; Jones, Michael J.

    ISBN : 9780470057650

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    Henderson, Scott

    ... to prepare accounts for larger entities, groups and joint ventures. Accounting for ... third year undergraduate Advanced Financial Accounting, Company Accounting and Consolidated Financial Reporting ...

    ISBN : 9781488658334

    15% Off

    Paul M. Collier

    ... rather than the construction of accounting information, Accounting for Managers encourages a ... than an unthinking acceptance of accounting techniques. Whilst immensely valuable for ...

    ISBN : 9781119979678

    70% Off

    Horngren, Charles T.

    ... purposes,” and reaches beyond cost accounting procedures to consider concepts, analyses ... chapters and more MyLab Accounting coverage! MyLab Accounting is web-based tutorial ...

    ISBN : 9781488607929

    15% Off

    Macintosh, Norman

    ... different ways of looking at accounting and accountants, he draws upon the ... interest in the future of accounting.Buy New

    ISBN : 9781138145801

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    Lee, T. A.; Parker, Robert H.

    ... the oldest form of monetary accounting, preceding the now conventional accrual ... and allocation-based accounting. Largely ignored in accounting literature since the ...

    ISBN : 9781138985834

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    Jones, Michael J.; Jones, Michael J.

    ... explore the role of accounting, particularly creative accounting and fraud, in business ... background and context of creative accounting and fraud is explored. Part ...

    ISBN : 9780470057650

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    Peter Atrill

    ... comprises of selected chapters from Accounting: An Introduction, 5th edition and ... Accounting, 7th edition and includes a ...

    ISBN : 9781488609831

    18% Off

    Mellida Frost

    ... computerised practice set using MYOB Accounting Plus Version 19. Students are ... the opportunity to gain practical accounting experience as they would be ...

    ISBN : 9780170190817

    18% Off

    Printed Working Papers provide the appropriate accounting forms for completing all exercises, problems, and cases in the text.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780538755276

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    Edey, Harold C.

    ... book shows the relevance of accounting methods to the economic and ... : demonstrating the relationship between budgets, accounts and the various business activities ...

    ISBN : 9781138965218

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    Accounts Receivable is a combined textbook/ ... popular format of the Senior Accounting series, this volume contains fully ...

    ISBN : 9780170229838

    18% Off

    ... its third edition, TAFE Accounting: Financial Accounting Applications has established itself as ... approach to the study of accounting. It has been updated to ...

    ISBN : 9780170165808