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    ... health professionals, the Second Edition of Health Professional as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning ... depth of information, students will learn to effectively educate patients, students ...

    ISBN : 9781284155204

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    Pagano, Michael

    Promotes multidimensional learning of health care communication skills. According to the Joint Commission, ... addresses the theories and abilities needed by all health care providers to ...

    ISBN : 9780826124418

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    Levett-Jones, Tracy; Barraclough, Bruce

    ... safe communication Chapter 3: Why do patients complain about how health professionals ... of health professionals' evolving team dynamics Chapter 5: Interpersonal communication for inter-professional collaboration ...

    ISBN : 9781488687587

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    Maheu, Marlene M.

    ... communication technologies have dramatically changed the world in which mental health professionals and ... the new technologies. The Mental Health Professional and the New Technologies: A ...

    ISBN : 9781138012691

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    Bischoff, Richard J.

    ... and outlines the skills that a mental health professional needs for working in ... is a primer for mental health professionals working in a medical setting ...

    ISBN : 9780393703382

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    Sears, Richard W.

    ... examples and checklists, Consultation Skills for Mental Health Professionals contains a wealth of ... first aid, disaster recovery, media communication, and school crisis response. Buy ...

    ISBN : 9780471705109

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    ... , Career Development for Health Professionals, 4th Edition provides the skills required to achieve ... to apply what you've learned. Written by respected educator Lee ...

    ISBN : 9780323311267

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    Ford, Gary

    ... . Salyers, Ethical Reasoning for Mental Health Professionals addresses a fundamental need of ... development of reasoning skills to resolve the complex professional ethical issues that ...

    ISBN : 9780761930938

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    ... friendly, GRAMMAR & WRITING SKILLS FOR THE HEALTH PROFESSIONAL, 3e, focuses on the ... HIPAA, the Joint Commission, American Health Management Information Association, and much ...

    ISBN : 9781305945425

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    Wilburta Lindh

    ... you in mind, THERAPEUTIC COMMUNICATION FOR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS, Fourth Edition is the ... COMMUNICATION FOR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS, Fourth Edition can prepare you with the soft skills ...

    ISBN : 9781305574618

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    ... , with Health Professional and Patient Interaction, 9th Edition. Covering strategies for effective communication ... you to apply critical thinking skills and your personal experience to ...

    ISBN : 9780323533621

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    Kennedy, Rosemary

    ... Domains 1 (Ethics) and 4 (Communication), developed by the Psychology Board ... legal challenges in normal professional life. Allied Health Professionals and the Law expands ...

    ISBN : 9781862877085