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    Edition #4

    Anne McMurray, AM, Phd, RN, FRCNA

    ISBN : 9780729539548

    Edition #1
    Best Matching Products for community health & wellness 5th edition
    Edition #5

    Jill Clendon, Ailsa Munns

    Community Health and Wellness 5th edition represents contemporary thinking and research in community health and wellness from Australia, ... tool for working with communities to promote health and wellbeing. An engaging new ...

    ISBN : 9780729541756

    Edition #4

    Anne McMurray, AM, Phd, RN, FRCNA

    Course Codes : , NUR112 , NUR349

    This new edition of Community Health and Wellness dvances the discussion of health as a product ... determinants that affect individual and community health are explored from a multidisciplinary ...

    ISBN : 9780729539548

    Edition #1

    Sines, David

    ... in community health care nursing" - Journal of Advanced Nursing The fifth edition of Community ... and Public Health Nursing is an ...

    ISBN : 9781118396940

    Edition #1


    Health Promotion and Wellness is designed to provide health care providers with both the ... the applied science of wellness, prevention and health promotion. INSIDE YOU„LL ...

    ISBN : 9781451120233

    Edition #11

    Branch, David; Rawson, Eric; Williams, Melvin H

    Course Codes : HLTH3101
    Universities : University of Notre Dame

    Nutrition for Health, Fitness & Sport, now in its Eleventh edition, provides the reader with ... of the role nutrition plays in enhancing one's health, fitness, and sport performance. ...

    ISBN : 9780078021350

    Edition #6

    Kathryn Pinna

    NUTRITION FOR HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE approaches the study of nutrition and diet therapy from ... the perspective of nursing and health ...

    ISBN : 9781305627963

    Shaw, Susan; Shaw, Susan; Lindsey White, W.; Lindsey White, W.; Deed, Bron; Deed, Bron

    Health, Wellbeing and Environment in Aotearoa New ... introduction to the concepts of health and wellbeing within the New Zealand ...

    ISBN : 9780195585216

    Edition #1


    Community Health Paramedicine Includes Navigate 2 Advantage AccessBuy New

    ISBN : 9781284040968

    Edition #3

    ... , and logically organized, Community and Public Health Nursing, 3rd Edition helps you develop ... in community and public health practice. This extensively revised, heavily illustrated edition emphasizes ...

    ISBN : 9781975111694

    Edition #4


    ... Practical, Systematic Approach for Community Health, Fourth Edition Includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access ... Fourth Edition reflects the major changes in the field of community health with ...

    ISBN : 9781284112115

    Edition #3


    Community Health Nursing, Third Edition Includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access community health nursing. The text is ... guided by the Association of Community Health Nursing Educators Essentials of Baccalaureate ...

    ISBN : 9781449691493

    Edition #6

    ... SOCIOLOGY OF HEALTH, ILLNESS, AND HEALTH CARE: A CRITICAL APPROACH, International Edition delivers ... question previously held beliefs about health and illness. Dr. Weitz's thorough ...

    ISBN : 9781111831813