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    Lipton & Herzberg + Quilter

    ... it ideal for business law students of company law and its depth of ... amendments to legislation and case law. This value pack also includes Company Law Perspectives 1E ...

    ISBN : 9780455230993

    15% Off

    Lipton and Herzberg

    This pack contains Company Law Perspectives 3e and Understanding Company Law 19e.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780455241067

    15% Off

    Lipton & Herzberg + Quilter

    ... both business law students and undergraduate law students of corporations law.The 17th edition ... Corporations Legislation (Audit Enhancement) Act 2012 which permits directors of listed companies ...

    ISBN : 9780455233109

    15% Off

    de Lacy, John

    ... the need to reform the law governing company charge registration, with many ... full perspective on this difficult and constantly developing area of law.Buy New

    ISBN : 9781859418918

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    Gillian North

    ... a detailed outline of listed company disclosure law and practice. It focuses ... disclosure framework from a broad perspective. It also highlights the need ...

    ISBN : 9780455230405

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    Harris, J

    ... different theoretical perspectives to evaluate the main principles of company law which arms ... and challenges their perspectives on the nature of companies and how they ...

    ISBN : 9780409326970

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    Tison, Michel

    This collection of essays examines the development of company and financial law under the influence of European integration and globalisation.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780521515702

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    This pack contains: Corporations Legislation 2020; and Company Law Perpectives 4eBuy New

    ISBN : 9780455244358

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    This pack contains: Understanding Company Law 20e; and Company Law Perspectives 4eBuy New

    ISBN : 9780455244426

    15% Off

    This pack contains the following books: Company Law Perspectives 3rd edition and Corporations Legislation 2019 Â Buy New

    ISBN : 9780455242149

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    This pack contains Company Law Perspectives 3e and Corporations Legislation 2018Buy New

    ISBN : 9780455241036

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    This pack contains: Corporations Legislation 2020; Company Law Watchdog; and Understanding Company Law 20eBuy New

    ISBN : 9780455244396