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    Best Matching Products for concepts of music textbook
    Best Matching Products for concepts of music textbook
    Edition #2

    Elliott, David J.; Silverman, Marissa

    ... concept of the natures and values of musics, education, musicing and listening, community music ... , musical understanding, musical emotions, creativity, and more. Embodied-enactive concepts of ...

    ISBN : 9780195334043

    Strohm, Reinhard; J. Blackburn, Bonnie

    ... (c.1300-c.1500), dance music (c.1300-c.1530), instrumental music (c.1300-c.1520), Polyphonic music in Central Europe ... (c. 1300-c.1520), music theory ...

    ISBN : 9780198162056

    Edition #1


    ... for Music teachers and Music students. The text introduces the concepts of music (texture ... , An Introduction to the Concepts of Music provides students with the expertise ...

    ISBN : 9780170219198

    Edition #1


    ... insight into the construction of music. By seeing exceptional musicians utilising ... resource for elective music classes completes the popular Concepts of Music series by ...

    ISBN : 9780170218559

    Edition #1


    The Concepts of Music: A Multimedia Resource for Junior Music is an exciting new ... a sequential introduction to the concepts through a live show packed ...

    ISBN : 9780170259583

    Edition #9

    Robert W. Sebesta

    ... Now in its Ninth Edition, Concepts of Programming Languages introduces students ... foundation for understanding the fundamental concepts of programming languages through the ...

    ISBN : 9780132465588

    Edition #1

    Higgins, Kathleen Marie

    ... to one another. In The Music between Us, philosopher Kathleen Marie ... researched study showcases the ways music is used in rituals, education ...

    ISBN : 9780226142852

    Edition #1

    Wade, Peter

    ... deeply rooted image of black music as sensuous. Recently, nostalgic, ''whitened'' ... fresh look at the way music transforms and is transformed by ...

    ISBN : 9780226868455

    Montemayor, Mark; Coppola, William J.; Mena, Christopher

    ... resources to help music educators craft world-inclusive instrumental music programs in their ... currents throughout the broader music education community, World Music Pedagogy, Volume IV ...

    ISBN : 9781138041202

    Taruskin, Richard

    ... award-winning Oxford History of Western Music is the eminent musicologist Richard ... in the history of Western music. Music in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth ...

    ISBN : 9780195384826

    Edition #1

    Charry, Eric

    ... Africa's richest and most sophisticated music cultures. Using resources as disparate ... major spheres of Mande music--hunter's music, music of the jelis or griots ...

    ISBN : 9780226101620

    Roberts, J. Christopher; Beegle, Amy C.

    ... ). It specifically addresses how World Music Pedagogy applies to the characteristic ... within the frame of World Music Pedagogy. Ethnomusicological issues of authenticity ...

    ISBN : 9781138052727