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    ... criminal law in Queensland and Western Australia Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia: Cases & Commentary, 8th edition Comprehensive coverage of criminal law in Queensland ...

    ISBN : 9780001273405

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    Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia 9th edition Essential introductory resource on criminal law in Queensland and Western Australia Carter's Criminal Law of ...

    ISBN : 9780001284135

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    ... seeking to understand criminal law in Australia. The second edition has comprehensively updated ... Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia, 2nd ed, 2015 Hemming, Feld & Anthony, Criminal Procedure in Australia ...

    ISBN : 9780409350173

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    ... principles of criminal law, but also the specific details of decided cases. By ... of specific cases, students learn to apply the principles of criminal law to ...

    ISBN : 9780176529529

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    ... principles of criminal law but also the specific details of decided cases. Using ... precedent-setting cases, thereby creating a context for understanding and interpreting criminal law in ...

    ISBN : 9780176501723

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    Criminal Law and Procedure, fifth edition, provides comprehensive coverage of both criminal law and criminal procedure. The ... , interrogations, other law enforcement practices, and the process of criminal cases, from first ...

    ISBN : 9781428340596

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    Pollock, Joycelyn M.

    Criminal Law, Eleventh Edition, a classic introduction to criminal law for criminal justice students, combines the best ... material just covered. Unique Exploring Case Law boxes offer guidance in using ...

    ISBN : 9780323353977

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    Dine, Janet; Dine, Janet; Gobert, James; Gobert, James

    ... a thorough resource for all criminal law students. The authors carefully provide ... skills in reading from actual case reports.Online Resource CentreThis text is ...

    ISBN : 9780199541980

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    Martin, Jacqueline

    ... Key Cases: Criminal Law will ensure you grasp the main concepts of your Criminal Law ... module with ease. This book explains the facts and associated case law ...

    ISBN : 9780415833257

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    Padfield, Nicola; Padfield, Nicola

    ... introductory guide to criminal law. In an area where case law is so integral ... key points of law, with an authoritative guiding commentary to help them ...

    ISBN : 9780198778318

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    Robinson, Paul H.

    ... interactive method of nominations and commentary by the nation's top legal ... and outside of the community. Criminal Law Conversations showcases the most captivating ...

    ISBN : 9780199861279

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    Herring, Jonathan; Herring, Jonathan

    Criminal Law: Text, Cases, and Materials offers comprehensive legal ... and sometimes challenging area of criminal law. Online Resources This book is ...

    ISBN : 9780198848479