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Search results for designing and conducting mixed methods research

    Design of Experiments: Statistical Principles of Research Design and Analysis

    Robert O. Kuehl

    Course Codes : , STAT373 , STAT714 , STAT814

    ... approach provides realistic settings for conducting actual research projects. Next, he emphasizes ... to a consistent focus on research design, Kuehl offers an interpretation for ...

    ISBN : 9780534368340

    Mixed Method Design

    Morse, Janice M

    The use of mixed methods designs for conducting research has become a major trend ... inherent in mixed method research. They offer the basic principles of conducting this kind ...

    ISBN : 9781598742985

    Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach

    Kenneth S. Bordens

    Course Codes : , PSY301 , EHPS591

    "Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach" guides students through the research process, from conceiving ... decisions they must make when designing and conducting research and indicate how their ...

    ISBN : 9780071289153

    Researching with Children and Young People: Research Design, Methods and Analysis

    Tisdall, Kay; Tisdall, Kay; Davis, John B; Davis, John B; Gallagher, Michael; Gallagher, Michael

    ... the processof doing a research project, from research design and data collection, through ... practitioner involved in carrying out research with children and young people. ...

    ISBN : 9781412923897

    Research Designs

    Paul E. Spector

    Research Designs is a clear, compact introduction ... designs; pre-test/post-test designs; factorialdesigns, hierarchical designs; multivariate designs; the Solomon four group design; panel designs;and designs ...

    ISBN : 9780803917095

    De-signing Design: Cartographies of Theory and Practice

    Grierson, Elizabeth

    De-Signing Design: Cartographies of Theory and Practice ... practice in transdisciplinary discourses of design and art. The collection brings ...

    ISBN : 9780739179123

    Concise Introduction to Mixed Methods Research

    Creswell, John W; Creswell, John W

    ... Introduction to Mixed Methods Research is a brief overview of mixed methods research that takes ... a comprehensive treatment of Mixed Methods research, we recommend Designing andConducting Mixed Methods Research, by John W. ...

    ISBN : 9781483359045

    Research Design in Clinical Psychology, Pearson New International Edition

    Kazdin, Alan, E.

    ... are placed on the investigator. Research Design in Clinical Psychology continues to ... address principles and issues when designing a study. Buy New

    ISBN : 9781292042787

    Researching Health: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods

    Mike Saks

    Course Codes : HSBH1007
    Universities : University of Sydney

    ... each specific qualitative, quantitative and mixed method, and show how these work ... how different forms of research can be conducted, but also how we ...

    ISBN : 9781446252277

    Mixed Methods Research

    Hesse-Biber, Sharlene Nagy

    ... puts the research problem at center stage, showing how mixed methods designs can fruitfully ... address different types of research questions. She ...

    ISBN : 9781606232590

    Methods That Matter: Integrating Mixed Methods for More Effective Social Science Research

    Hay, M Cameron

    ... offerscompelling and successful examples of mixed methods research that do just that. In ... conversation about the best designs and practices of mixed methodologies to stimulate ...

    ISBN : 9780226328669

    Research Design in Social Research

    David De Vaus

    ... general research methods textbooks around. The use of different types of research design as ... core of research methods is the structure and design of the research. The book ...

    ISBN : 9780761953470