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    Edition #1

    Blanchard, David; Blanchard, David

    ISBN : 9780470531884

    Edition #2
    Best Matching Products for global logistics and supply chain management
    Edition #10

    Brian Gibson

    ... developments to supply chain management concepts and logistics practices while taking in consideration global changes. ...

    ISBN : 9781305859975

    Edition #1

    Blanchard, David; Blanchard, David

    ... for supply chain management best practice benchmarks Shows how to manage supply chains in a global ... technology, green supply chains, going lean, how to choose third-party logistics providers, and ...

    ISBN : 9780470531884

    Edition #2

    Ross, David Frederick

    ... the first edition, Introduction to Supply Chain Management Technologies, Second Edition details the ... , and logistics delivery capabilities with the priorities of an increasingly global business ...

    ISBN : 9781439837528

    Edition #1

    Min, Hokey

    ... of Supply Chain Management is today's most valuable reference to modern supply chain practices and ... and applications - transcending obsolete logistics- and purchasing-driven approaches still found ...

    ISBN : 9780134036236

    Edition #5


    ... global supply chains as comprehensive, one-of-a-kind coverage encompasses important processes in operations, purchasing, logistics ... the practical applications of supply chain management in today's workplace with ...

    ISBN : 9781337406499

    Edition #4

    Joel D. Wisner

    ... management of all supply chain activity--including issues related to both domestic and global supply chains. ... Comprehensive, one-of-a-kind coverage encompasses operations, purchasing, logistics, ...

    ISBN : 9781285428314

    Russo, Ivan; Confente, Ilenia

    ... and improve their innovation capabilities. Supply Chain Management synchronizes the efforts of all ... concerning the overlapping areas of supply chains, logistics and marketing, drawing a connection ...

    ISBN : 9781138060845

    Edition #1

    Mentzer, John T.

    ... assessment of the field of global supply chain management (GSCM). Editors John T. Mentzer ... that have emerged from logistics, operations, marketing, management, economics, sociology, personnel, information ...

    ISBN : 9781412918053

    Edition #2

    Jacobs, F. Robert; Berry, William Lee; Whybark, D Clay; Vollmann, Thomas E

    ... provide an advantage in today's global manufacturing environment. Throughout the book ... and management Production activity control Just-in-time Distribution requirements planningManagement of supply chain logistics Order ...

    ISBN : 9781260108385

    Edition #1

    Stock, James R

    ... 16 chapters of Supply Chain Management, logistics, marketing, and operations management concepts, principles, ... explain and illustrate supply chain management in a global context.Supply Chain Management approaches topics ...

    ISBN : 9781260547894

    Edition #3

    ... purchasing, operations, logistics, and integration with the strong supply chain management focus found in ... each supply chain activity while addressing real-world concerns related to the global supply chain. Readers ...

    ISBN : 9781133069607

    Edition #2

    ... supply chain management. The authors break down supply chain issues into purchasing, operations, and logistics. ... updated Supply Chain Management in Action opening features, e-Business Connection features, Global ...

    ISBN : 9780324659917