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    Marilyn Pittard

    ... federal labour power and other Constitutional heads of power. Other areas ... explored are unfair dismissal law and redundancy, industrial relations, and ...

    ISBN : 9780409324068

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    Patrick Keyzer

    ... account of this area of law in 10 concise chapters. It ... major areas of study, in constitutional law as well as in public ...

    ISBN : 9780409324402

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    Anthony Blackshield

    ... contains a wide range of materials, including excerpts from a spectrum ... developments in the law since 1997; new scholarly commentary; and a new ...

    ISBN : 9781862874220

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    Lexis Nexis

    ... include recent developments in case law and legislation, including expanded coverage of ... introduction of priority notices. Australian Property Law Cases, Materials and Analysis, 4th edition ...

    ISBN : 9780001182493

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    ... a focus on pertinent case law and legislation. The explanatory approach will ... of Australian Contract Law: Cases and Materials, 4th edition In Principles of Australian Contract Law ...

    ISBN : 9780001271395

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    Australian Personal Property Securities Law, 2nd edition offers clear, concise commentary on the legislation and ... Neave Australian Property Law provides a comprehensive review of property law and material on ...

    ISBN : 9780001258273

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    Patrick Keyzer

    ... has re-organised and updated the material, featuring a streamlined structure of ...

    ISBN : 9780409324419

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    Australian Real Property Law Australian Property Law: Cases & MaterialsBuy New

    ISBN : 9780455244341

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    Australian Consumer Law: Commentary & Materials 5e and Miller's Australian Competition & Consumer Law Annot 39e 2017Buy New

    ISBN : 9780455239552