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    Working with Communities in Health and Human Services

    Taylor, Judy; Wilkinson, David; Cheers, Brian

    Course Codes : , HSHM345 , HEA8301 , CSV1101

    Working with Communities in Health and Human Services combines theory and concepts for ... for increasing community participation in health and human services settings. Activities and case ...

    ISBN : 9780195558357

    Interprofessional Ethics: Collaboration in the Social, Health and Human Services

    Donna McAuliffe

    Organisations in the social, health and human services sectors employ a range of ... to provide dynamic and quality service and care to people across ...

    ISBN : 9781107650466

    Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport

    Branch, David; Rawson, Eric; Williams, Melvin H

    Course Codes : HLTH3101
    Universities : University of Notre Dame

    Nutrition for Health, Fitness & Sport, now in its ... of the role nutrition plays in enhancing one’s health, fitness, and sport ...

    ISBN : 9780078021350

    Human Services Management: Organizational Leadership in Social Work Practice

    David Austin

    ... social welfare, health and mental health, criminal justice, and educational services. David Austin ... development and distinctive characteristics of human service organizations, the variety of organizational ...

    ISBN : 9780231108362

    Health and Health Behaviour 130: Revised Edition

    Publication, Custom

    Course Codes : , CHML1003

    ... in the Faculty of Health Sciences, studying Health and Health Behaviour 130 at ... course., EFB336, CHML1003 - HEALTH AND HEALTH BEHAVIOUR Buy New, Buy New

    ISBN : 9780195589207

    Health and Health Care in Australia: HS1401

    Publication, Custom

    ... of Public Health at James Cook University, studying Health and Health Care in ... ;™s leading higher education health sciences textbooks have been chosen ...

    ISBN : 9780195588835

    Health and Wellbeing in Childhood

    Susanne Garvis (Monash University, Victoria)

    Course Codes : , EDMT5686 , ECED601

    ... promote and teach health and wellbeing in the classroom. Health and Wellbeing in Childhood ... child safety, nutrition to resilience, and friendships to social-emotional wellbeing. The book ...

    ISBN : 9781107652262

    Health, Wellbeing and Environment & Communication Across the Lifespan

    Susan Shaw

    ... and Communication Across the Lifespan. Health, Wellbeing and Environment in Aotearoa New ... the Lifespan is about human communication and human development, topics that are ...

    ISBN : 9780190023430

    Nutrition, Health and Safety for Young Children: Promoting Wellness

    Joanne Sorte

    Course Codes : , EDMT5686

    ... A comprehensive overview of the nutrition, health, and safety needs of young ... from birth through school age, Nutrition, Health, and Safety for Young Children ...

    ISBN : 9780132869799

    Health Promotion and Health Services

    Johnson, Anne; Paton, Kevin

    ... change management within the health sector. Health Promotion and Health Services: Management for Change ... in the international context Health Promotion and Health Services: Management for Change draws ...

    ISBN : 9780195556148

    Health and Human Behaviour

    Jones, Ken; Creedy, Debra

    Course Codes : , HSC204 , PHRM2030

    The third edition  of Health and Human Behaviour introduces students in the ... health professions and biomedical sciences to ...

    ISBN : 9780195577259