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    Edition #1


    ... the latest volume in the Illustrated Tips and Tricks series. You'll find succinct ... on tackling technical problems in sports medicine surgery. Drawings, operative photos, and videos ...

    ISBN : 9781496375414

    Edition #2


    ... leading institutions, Operative Techniques in Sports Medicine Surgery, 2nd Edition , provides authoritative, easy-to-follow guidance ... this edition even more useful in your practice. -Step-by-step procedures are illustrated ...

    ISBN : 9781451193015

    Edition #1


    ... the patient. Illustrated Tips and Tricks for Intraoperative Imaging in Fracture Surgery is a ... of technical tips and tricks for intraoperative imaging in fracture surgery. -Features a ...

    ISBN : 9781496328960

    Edition #2


    Published in collaboration with the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, ... fracture treatment, Harborview Illustrated Tips and Tricks in Fracture Surgery, Second Edition takes a unique ...

    ISBN : 9781496355980

    Edition #1


    ... orthopaedic radiology! Stoller's Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine: The Hip combines more than ...

    ISBN : 9781496317605

    Edition #1

    Harrast, Mark; Finnoff, Jonathan

    ... supplement their training in non-operative sports medicine. It provides in concise format ... numerous figures and tables to illustrate key points and enhance learning. ...

    ISBN : 9781936287239

    Edition #2

    Sports Medicine Essentials: Core Concepts in Athletic Training, Second Edition introduces students to potential ... careers in the Sports Medicine field, from ...

    ISBN : 9781401861858

    Beisswenger, Drew

    North American Fiddle Music: A Research and ...

    ISBN : 9780415994545

    Edition #10

    Sports Medicine Australia

    ... basic principles of sports medicine for people of all sporting backgrounds and interests. ... a wide variety of sports. Developed by Sports Medicine Australia, it provides you ...

    ISBN : 9780729541541

    Malcolm, Dominic

    ... sport? provides valuable insights for all students and scholars interested in sports medicine, sports ... policy, public health and the sociology of sport. Buy ...

    ISBN : 9781138826458

    Shamoo, Adil E.; Baugher, William H.; Germeroth, Robert M.

    ... guide and concise sports medicine reference, written exclusively for the sport of soccer. ... sports medicine research relevant and accessible to those who participate in the sport. ...

    ISBN : 9781138373099

    ... the popular Tips and Tricks series, Emory Spine:Illustrated Tips and Tricks in Spine Surgery provides ... of technical tips and tricks for all aspects of spine surgery. This unique ...

    ISBN : 9781496375193