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7 search results for individual determinants of health textbook

    Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport

    Branch, David; Rawson, Eric; Williams, Melvin H

    Course Codes : HLTH3101
    Universities : University of Notre Dame

    ... of the role nutrition plays in enhancing one’s health, fitness, and sport ... for individuals to utilize in combining nutritional and exercise choices for health ...

    ISBN : 9780078021350

    Health and Wellbeing in Childhood

    Susanne Garvis (Monash University, Victoria)

    Course Codes : , EDMT5686 , ECED601

    ... promote and teach health and wellbeing in the classroom. Health and Wellbeing in Childhood ... child safety, nutrition to resilience, and friendships to social-emotional wellbeing. The book ...

    ISBN : 9781107652262

    Health, Wellbeing and Environment & Communication Across the Lifespan

    Susan Shaw

    ... and Communication Across the Lifespan. Health, Wellbeing and Environment in Aotearoa New ... introduction to the concepts of health and wellbeing within the New Zealand ...

    ISBN : 9780190023430

    Health Promotion and Health Services

    Johnson, Anne; Paton, Kevin

    ... change management within the health sector. Health Promotion and Health Services: Management for ... in the international context Health Promotion and Health Services: Management for Change ...

    ISBN : 9780195556148

    Health Communication: Strategies for Health Professionals

    A. Winick; Northouse, Peter, G.; Northouse, Laurel, J.

    ... text helps nurses and other health care professionals improve their personal ... the most important aspects of health care - effective communication with ...

    ISBN : 9780838536803

    Social Determinants of Indigenous Health

    Bronwyn Carson

    Course Codes : , PHM516 , IHE72010

    ... all. Shifting the focus from individual behaviour, to the social and ... bring about change. Social Determinants of Indigenous Health offers a systematic overview ...

    ISBN : 9781741751420

    The Social Cure: Identity, Health and Well-Being

    Jolanda Jetten

    Course Codes : , PSYC8111

    ... promoting adjustment, coping, and well-being for individuals dealing with a range of ... its analysis of factors that shape the health and well-being of a broad ...

    ISBN : 9781848720213

    Community Health and Wellness: Primary Health Care in Practice

    Jill Clendon, Ailsa Munns

    ... is socially determining the health of the individuals, families and communities within ... encourages discussion of the social determinants of health (SDH). The Mason family ...

    ISBN : 9780729541756

    Applied Health Fitness Psychology

    Mark H. Anshel

    Applied Health Fitness Psychology considers behavioural issues regarding exercise and nutrition using a research ... will not happen quickly, Applied Health Fitness Psychology equips aspiring and practicing ...

    ISBN : 9781450400626

    Young Children's Health and Well-being

    Underdown, Angela

    ... and social well-being Health inequalities in early childhood Growth and nutrition The impact ... of family change on children's health and well-being Child public health ...

    ISBN : 9780335219063

    Physical Health and Well-Being in Mental Health Nursing: Clinical Skills for Practice

    Nash, Michael

    ... mental health Assessing nutrition, diet and physical activity Part 3: Physical health and well-being ...

    ISBN : 9780335262861

    Physical Health and Well-Being in Mental Health Nursing: Clinical Skills for Practice

    Michael Nash

    ... the risk factors and assessment priorities amongst different mental health client groups ... lifestyle factors and how best they can contribute to better health outcomes ...

    ISBN : 9780335233991