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6 search results for interpersonal process in therapy

    Best Matching Products for interpersonal process in therapy
    Best Matching Products for interpersonal process in therapy
    Edition #7

    Edward Teyber

    Course Codes : PSY904 , PSYC7010

    Therapy that effects change must authentically ... immediately helpful with clients, INTERPERSONAL PROCESS IN THERAPY: AN INTEGRATIVE MODEL brings together ...

    ISBN : 9781305271531

    Edition #5

    Edward Teyber

    ... authentically involve you, the therapist. INTERPERSONAL PROCESS IN THERAPY: AN INTEGRATIVE MODEL brings ...

    ISBN : 9780534515645

    Edition #1

    Mei-Whei Chen

    Trainees in group counseling and therapy often struggle to integrate an ... The book's five conceptual bases--interpersonal processes, experiential learning, the power of ...

    ISBN : 9780534252670

    Markowitz, John C.

    ... treatments-Prolonged Exposure (PE), Cognitive Processing Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ... Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder describes an exciting alternative therapy ...

    ISBN : 9780190465599

    Madisetti, Vijay

    ... speech, audio, multimedia, and video processing technology associated with standards ranging ... , Radar, Sensor Array Processing, and Nonlinear Signal Processing, provides complete coverage of ...

    ISBN : 9781420046045

    Edition #3

    Ledley, Deborah Roth

    ... of students and novice cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) practitioners build skills and ...

    ISBN : 9781462535637

    Oliveira, Fernanda A. R.; Oliveira, Jorge C.

    ... that the multidisciplinarity of food processing and preservation requires.The book concerns ... five sections: thermal processing, freezing, drying, high pressure processing and minimal and ...

    ISBN : 9780849379055

    Mutafelija, Boris; Stromberg, Harvey

    ... most successful incorporate multiple frameworks. Process Improvement with CMMI® v1.2 and ... when creating organizational and project processes. Compares and Contrasts Different Standards ...

    ISBN : 9781420052831

    Edition #US

    B.Wayne Bequette

    ... text for Chemical Process Dynamics or Introductory Chemical Process Control courses at ...

    ISBN : 9780132068895

    Edition #1

    Wiley; Wiley

    ... Calendaring Casting Coloring processes Dielectric heating Electrospinning Embedding Processing and Finishing of ... , chemists, chemical engineers, materials scientists, process engineers, and consultants, and serves ...

    ISBN : 9780470889176

    Erchul, William P.

    This special issue was developed to address the knowledge gap in educational and psychological consultation. The opening article sets the stage by offering answers to the question, "What is 'collaboration'?" The second ...

    ISBN : 9780805895698