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10 search results for introduction to geographic information systems

    Best Matching Products for introduction to geographic information systems
    Best Matching Products for introduction to geographic information systems
    Edition #8

    Chang, Kang-Tsung

    Course Codes : SPA215 , SPA308 , SPA415
    Universities : Charles Sturt University

    Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, 8th edition is designed to ... and the use of GIS. Introduction to GIS strikes a careful ...

    ISBN : 9780078095139

    Edition #6

    Kang-Tsung Chang

    Course Codes :

    "Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, 6/e" is designed to provide ... and the use of GIS. "Introduction to GIS" strikes a careful ...

    ISBN : 9780077465438

    Edition #9

    Chang, Kang-Tsung

    Introduction toGeographic Information Systems, 9th edition is designed to ... concepts and the use ofGIS. Introduction to GIS strikes a careful ...

    ISBN : 9781260092585

    Edition #1

    Jensen, John, R.; Jensen, Ryan, R.

    Course Codes : , GEOM2001

    ... of Geographic Information Systems by John Jensen and Ryan Jensen is an ideal introduction ... for those who know very little about geographic information systems and ...

    ISBN : 9780136147763

    Edition #5

    Clarke, Keith, C.

    ... basic, non-technical, and student-friendly introduction to geographic information systems. In one convenient source, its ...

    ISBN : 9780131494985

    Edition #7

    Chang, Kang-tsung

    Course Codes :

    1 Introduction 2 Coordinate Systems 3 Vector Data Model 4 ...

    ISBN : 9780077805401

    Edition #8

    This pack contains the print textbook Chang, Introduction to Geographic Systems, 8e, and 6 months' access to Connect.Buy New

    ISBN : 9781743763704

    Edition #1

    Longley, Paul A.

    Course Codes : EM334 , EM534 , EVB222

    ... strengths., EM334 - Introduction to GIS, EM534 - Introduction to GIS, EVB222 ...

    ISBN : 9781118676950

    Bates, Marcia J.

    ... and risk management, information storage technology, geographic information systems, and data transmission ... supplies a broad-level introduction to information systems and information retrieval systems Part II examines ...

    ISBN : 9781439891964

    Edition #3

    Paul A. Longley

    Course Codes : , ENR201 , EESC204

    ... problems that are posed by geographic information and together they build into ... Managing GIS, EFB336, EESC204 - Introduction to Spatial Science, ENR201 - ...

    ISBN : 9780470721445

    Tomaszewski, Brian

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide essential disaster management ... in GIS and/or disaster management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Disaster Management guides ...

    ISBN : 9781482211689

    Panigrahi, Narayan

    ... of geographical information system (GIS) is rapidly evolving. This popular information system is emerging ... volume of spatial data.Computing in Geographic Information Systems considers the computational aspects, and ...

    ISBN : 9781482223149