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Search results for marketing research asia-pacific edition 4th edition

    Marketing Research: Asia-Pacific Edition with Student Resource Access 6 Months


    Course Codes : MARK2052 , MKTG202 , MKTG2113 , MKT20019

    Marketing Research 4th Asia-Pacific edition continues to equip students with ... range of presentation methodologies. This edition of Marketing Research continues to integrate Qualtrics ...

    ISBN : 9780170369824

    Marketing Research, Global Edition

    Burns, Alvin, C.; Bush, Ronald, F.

    ... in global marketing. Marketing Research: The FundamentalsThe Eighth Edition of Marketing Research continues to provide ... models needed to analyze market data. This new edition has been condensed ...

    ISBN : 9781292153261

    Essentials of Marketing Research, Global Edition

    Malhotra, Naresh, K.

    Course Codes : MKT230
    Universities : Charles Sturt University

    ... engaging, do-it-yourself approach to marketing researchEssentials of Marketing Research: A Hands-On Orientation presents ... #8211;Basic Marketing Research: Integration of Social Media and Marketing Research: An Applied ...

    ISBN : 9781292060163

    Marketing Research: 3rd Asia-Pacific edition

    Steve D'Alessandro

    Course Codes : , MKT560 , MKF5912

    Marketing Research 3rd Asia'Pacific edition continues to equip students with ... by doing' approach, this edition of Marketing Research integrates Qualtrics: a robust and ...

    ISBN : 9780170236027

    Marketing Research


    Course Codes : MMK265 , , MARK2052 , MKTG20004 , BS203 , 24309 , MKTG90011 , MKTG2001 , 6372 , 6413 , 9504

    ... discussion and relevant case studies.The fourth edition has a new industry voice ... - Marketing Research, ARCY3011, MARK2052 - Marketing Research, ARCY3011, MKTG20004 - Market and Business Research, BS203 ...

    ISBN : 9781743078761

    Marketing Research: The Pacific Rim Edition

    Meredith Lawley

    Course Codes : , 200374 , MARK205

    Marketing Research: The Second Pacific Rim edition reflects contemporary developments and examples in Marketing Research. The ... help students create their own market research project comprising a series of ...

    ISBN : 9780470810705

    Basic Marketing Research: Pearson New International Edition

    Malhotra, Naresh, K

    Course Codes : , MKTG2305 , MKTG5465 , 200592

    ... marketing research decisions and marketing management decisions. , ARCY3011, MKTG2305 - Marketing Research, MKTG5465 - Applied Marketing Research ...

    ISBN : 9781292020488

    Marketing Research

    David A. Aaker

    ... to the marketing organization. This highly regarded text focuses on market intelligence ... the most advanced and current marketing research methodologies. Pointing out these methodologies' ...

    ISBN : 9781118156636

    Essentials Of Marketing Research 4th Edition

    Hair, Celsi, Ortinau & Bush

    Buy New, Buy New, Buy Used, Buy Used

    ISBN : 9781260147612

    Marketing Research (Aust)

    Hall Malhotra (Shaw)

    Based on an applied and managerially focused approach; this third marketing research textbook; integrates Australian and New Zealand, research and examples in every chapter. Buy New, Buy New

    ISBN : 9780733970047

    Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation: Global Edition

    Malhotra, Naresh, K.; SPSS, SPSS

    Course Codes : MARK2052 , , MKT240 , BHO2285

    ... qualitative and quantitative material.The sixth edition is even more current, contemporary ... , MARK2052 - Marketing Research, ARCY3011, MKT240 - Market Analysis, BHO2285 - Marketing Research Buy New ...

    ISBN : 9780136094234

    Marketing Research

    Alvin C. Burns

    ... For undergraduate marketing research courses. The "nuts and bolts" of marketing research. Marketing Research gives students ... and intricate concepts. The sixth edition now includes new case ideas ...

    ISBN : 9780137135998