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    Harvey, Richard G.; ter Haar, Gert

    ... three sections begins by discussing anatomy and physiology and then reviews ... the pinna, external ear canal, middle ear and inner ear - nasal planum, nasal ...

    ISBN : 9781482236491

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    ... ; Middle Ear and Eustachian Tube Dysfunction; Endoscopic Eustachian Tube Transnasal Surgery; Endoscopic Anatomy ... ; Endoscopic Management of Tumors in Middle Ear and Mastoid; Outcomes Following Endoscopic ...

    ISBN : 9780323463232

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    Frank H. Netter MD

    ... reviewed and overseen by clinical anatomy and anatomy education experts. Consulting Editors ... drainage; the pterygopalantine fossa; the middle ear; the path of the internal ...

    ISBN : 9781455758883

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    Balkany, Thomas J.; Brown, Kevin D.

    ... hearing, explain how the anatomy of the ear facilitates hearing and balance ... problems of the outer, middle, and inner ear. Their explanations take the ...

    ISBN : 9781421422855

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    ... the current state of active middle ear implants. This issue of Otolaryngologic ... Transfer of Active Middle Ear Implants; Historical Development of Active Middle Ear Implants; Vibrant ...

    ISBN : 9780323340427

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    ... evaluation and management of common ear and lateral skull base tumors ... tympanicum; Adenomatous tumors of the middle ear; Intralabyrinthine schwannomas; Vestibular schwannoma; Neurofibromatosis2 ...

    ISBN : 9780323359801

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    Paterson, Sue; Tobias, Karen; Paterson, Sue; Tobias, Karen

    ... small animal veterinary practitioner seeing ear cases on a regular basis ... atlas covers the anatomy of the canine and feline ear, diagnostic techniques ...

    ISBN : 9781405193269

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    ... will include updates on otic anatomy and physiology, preparation and histologic ... examination of the inner ear, neurologic manifestations of ear disease, canine hearing ...

    ISBN : 9781455749713

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    ... Clinics are topics on Endoscopic Anatomy, Ventilation Routes, as well as ... Cholesteatomas, Neuromas and Inner ear surgery, Endoscopic Ear Surgery for Tympanic Perforations ...

    ISBN : 9781455771325

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    Munir, Nazia; Clarke, Ray; Munir, Nazia; Clarke, Ray

    ... fork tests Comprehensive illustrations showing anatomy and mechanisms of hearing Assessment ... (EMQs) to help test learning Ear, Nose and Throat at a ...

    ISBN : 9781444330878

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    Hans Behrbohm

    ... , each chapter covers the relevant anatomy and physiology, methods of investigation ...

    ISBN : 9783136712030

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    Klein, Robert; Enders, George C.

    ... and the USMLE Step 1, Anatomy, Histology, & Cell Biology: PreTest ... System,Urinary System,Eye and Ear,Head and Neck Thorax,Abdomen,Pelvis ...

    ISBN : 9780071623438