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    Edition #1

    Hoppe, Christian; Gregoriou, Greg N.

    ISBN : 9780071598347

    Best Matching Products for portfolio management custom publication
    Edition #3

    Bodie / Shen

    Course Codes :

    Portfolio Management Custom Publication 3E, EFB336Buy New

    ISBN : 9781308166711

    Edition #1

    Hoppe, Christian; Gregoriou, Greg N.

    ... Measurement 1 Implementing Credit Portfolio Management 2 Credit Portfolio Management under IFRS Accounting 3 ... Assets and relevance for Credit Portfolio Management 7 Measuring Credit Risk with ...

    ISBN : 9780071598347

    Edition #5

    Robert A Strong (Tele Vue Optics, New York)

    Course Codes :

    ... traditional investment as well as portfolio theory with the straightforward, manageable ... approach found in Strong's successful PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION, MANAGEMENT, AND PROTECTION, 5E. You'll ...

    ISBN : 9780324665109

    James L. Farrell

    This text for courses in portfolio management presents the modern theories of the topic and explains and illustrates their practical applications. It avoids elaborate discussions of narrowly-based investment techniques.

    ISBN : 9780070200821

    Lazar, Olivier

    ... enable it to sustain itself. Portfolio management is about the realization of ... about. The Four Pillars of Portfolio Management: Organizational Agility, Strategy, Risk, and ...

    ISBN : 9781138601321

    Edition #2


    Custom Publication for University of Sydney ACCT3011Buy New,Rent,Buy Used

    ISBN : 9781486020591

    Lock, Dennis; Wagner, Reinhard

    ... discipline of portfolio management. The Handbook of Project Portfolio Management is the definitive publication that ...

    ISBN : 9781138635012

    Voehl, Christopher F.

    ... and project success rates. Effective Portfolio Management Systems provides a roadmap for ... an effective, proven, four-phase Organizational Portfolio Management (OPM) system: Phase I: Developing ...

    ISBN : 9781138464025

    Qian, Edward E.; Hua, Ronald H.; Sorensen, Eric H.

    ... in the subject, Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management: Modern Techniques and Applications presents ... return forecasting models, risk management, portfolio construction, and portfolio implementation that include examples ...

    ISBN : 9781584885580

    Edition #10

    Frank K

    Course Codes : , FNP32 , EFB335 , FIN323 , FIN370

    ... the country, INVESTMENT ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, Tenth Edition, combines solid theory ... Investment and Portfolio Management, EFB336, FIN323 - Portfolio Analysis, FIN370 - Funds Management, EFB336 ...

    ISBN : 9780538482387

    Scott Stewart

    Course Codes : FINM3008 , FINM8016

    "Running Money: Professional Portfolio Management, 1/e" focuses on the business ... text., FINM8016 - Portfolio Construction, FINM3008 - Applied Portfolio ConstructionBuy New,Rent

    ISBN : 9780073530581