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    Best Matching Products for pre- and perinatal massage therapy
    Edition #2

    Carole Osborne

    ... comprehensive guide to perinatal massage, including the benefits of massage during pregnancy, labor ... to support special-needs pregnancies with massage; and techniques and guidelines gleaned ...

    ISBN : 9781582558516

    Edition #5


    Course Codes : HLT42015 , HLT52015

    ... anatomy and physiology, Susan Salvo's Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice, 5th Edition ... makes the essential principles of massage therapy more approachable and prepares you ...

    ISBN : 9780323239714

    Edition #3

    Clay, James, H.

    Course Codes : HLT52015

    ... anatomy as they master clinical massage therapy techniques. This stunningly realistic text ... essential to understanding basic clinical massage therapy techniques. The updated and expanded ...

    ISBN : 9781451185461

    Edition #6

    Benjamin, Patricia, J.

    For introduction to massage therapy or massage techniques/modalities courses Successful massage therapists excel at blending ... therapists. This pioneering book in massage therapy provides the foundation, guidance, and ...

    ISBN : 9780134082691

    Edition #1


    ... with specific medical conditions! Step-by-Step Massage Therapy Protocols for Common Conditions is ... intended to give massage therapy students and practitioners the knowledge ...

    ISBN : 9780781787154

    Edition #3

    Braun Simonson

    ... , concise, and well-illustrated, Introduction to Massage Therapy, 3rd Edition provides everything your ... science behind the practice of massage therapy through just the right amount ...

    ISBN : 9781451173192

    Edition #1

    ... students quickly determine the optimal massage therapy approach for specific medical conditions. ... discussed in the book, with massage considerations listed for numerous additional ...

    ISBN : 9780781769228

    Edition #1

    Celia Bucci

    Condition-Specific Massage Therapy is a versatile book that ... conditions apply foundational science to massage practice and move the student ...

    ISBN : 9781582558073

    Whitney Lowe

    ... earlier book Functional Assessment in Massage Therapy, and this one takes orthopedic ... assessment concepts for the massage therapist to a whole new ...

    ISBN : 9780966119633

    Edition #2

    James H. Clay

    ... systems and demonstrates basic clinical massage therapy techniques. More than 550 full-color ... DVD includes video demonstrations of massage techniques from the book.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780781756778

    Edition #6

    Buy New

    ISBN : 9780323581288

    Edition #1


    ... technique designed to help today's massage student learn and understand this ... is a subject that many massage students struggle with, this integrated ...

    ISBN : 9781496309075