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    ... I covers the basic scientific principles behind all major renewable energy ... and global levels. In this fourth edition update, new material includes expanded ...

    ISBN : 9780123750259

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    Sloman, Norris

    ... learning system for students of Economics. Principles of Economics 4th edition can now be packaged ...

    ISBN : 9781486015047

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    ... of economic ideas, this fourth edition of Principles of Economics continues to focus on ... students to understand the important foundations of economic analysis in a ...

    ISBN : 9780170178747

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    Charles E. Phelps

    ... studies to develop essential methodological foundations. Later chapters build on these ... health care community.In the Fourth Edition, a new focus on lifestyle ...

    ISBN : 9780321594570

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    Gary Kielhofner

    ... 4th Edition of this groundbreaking text traces the historical development of the foundations ...

    ISBN : 9780803620704

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    Ornstein, Allan, C.; Hunkins, Francis, P.

    ... documented, balanced overview of the foundations, principles, and issues of curriculum-from ... outlooks for the future. Curriculum: Foundations, Principles, and Issues covers the latest ...

    ISBN : 9781292162072

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    ... ' Duties, 4th edition provides a concise summary of the key principles, legislation and ... Directors Breach their Duties, 2nd ed offers a concise summary of ...

    ISBN : 9780001284258

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    Gillespie, Andrew; Gillespie, Andrew

    Andrew Gillespie's Foundations of Economics is the perfect introduction to ... in economics to a rock solid foundation in the fundamental economic principles.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780198806523

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    Radan, P; Stewart, C; Vickovich, I

    PRINCIPLES OF AUSTRALIAN EQUITY AND TRUSTS CASES AND MATERIALS, 4TH EDITION: The key cases ... . New cases included in the fourth edition include: Cavendish Square Holding BV ...

    ISBN : 9780409348194

    18% Off

    Native Title in Australia, 4th edition is a comprehensive and authoritative ... the application of native title principles to resource development and traditional ...

    ISBN : 9780409350920

    65% Off

    Anderson, C; Dickfos, J; Nehme, M; Hyland, M; Dahdal, A

    ... Ramsay, Ford's Principles of Corporations Law, 15th ed, 2012Harris, Hargovan and ... Questions and Answers: Corporations Law, 4th ed, 2013Harris, LexisNexis Study Guide: Corporations ...

    ISBN : 9780409336030

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    ... the Agreement. New in the 4th edition: The most significant change is ...

    ISBN : 9780414023130