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    Business Math: Essential Math Concepts for Any Business Environment

    Steve Slavin

    Course Codes : , MATH1901D

    ... , sales, and property taxes and the implications of taxing income, property, and ... books in this series--Finance, Business Communication, Marketing, Business Math, and Real Estate--offer ...

    ISBN : 9780470007198

    Business Research Methods

    Cooper, Donald R; Schindler, Pamela S.

    ... Researcher Chapter 4 The Research Process: An Overview Chapter 5 Clarifying ... Presentations Case Index Appendices A Business Research Requests and Proposals (with ...

    ISBN : 9780073521503

    Business Law + Istudy Version 1 (with new copies only)

    Nickolas James

    Course Codes : , LAWS1901D , LAWS7023 , BFA506 , BLW17

    ... principles of business law are contextualised within a business environment. Business students need ... principles of business law are contextualised within a business environment. Business students need ...

    ISBN : 9780730304944

    Business Development: A Market-oriented Perspective

    Hans Eibe Sorensen

    ... questions: "What is business development?" "What does the business developer do?" and ... characterises good, structured, effective business development?" Distinguishing business development and the tasks ...

    ISBN : 9780470683668

    Business Law

    Andy Gibson

    Course Codes : LEGL1001 , BS240 , LSSU451 , LSSU251

    ... course. Pearson recommends including MyLab Business Law. This effective online learning ... , and is new to Business Law. MyLab Business Law works with the ...

    ISBN : 9781486019274

    Business Statistics: Concepts and Applications

    Mark L. Berenson

    Course Codes : BEO2255
    Universities : Victoria University

    ... a thoroughly readable learning experience. Business Statistics emphasises the use of ... statistics to tackle real business challenges. Business Statistics covers the key content ...

    ISBN : 9781442549272

    Business Statistics: Australia New Zealand with Student Resource Access for 12 Months

    Antony Selvanathan, Saroja Selvanathan and Gerald Keller

    ... - Quantitative Methods for Business, QBUS5002 - Business Statistics, ECOM90009 - Quantitative ... Methods for Business, ECON10005 - Quantitative Methods 1 ...

    ISBN : 9780170369466

    Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World

    Cardon, Peter

    ... Cultures Part Three: Principles for Business Messages Chapter 5: Creating Effective ... Business Proposals and Planning for Business Proposals Chapter 13: Completing Business Proposals and Business ...

    ISBN : 9780073403281

    Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers

    Alexander Osterwalder

    ... , and your core value proposition. Business Model Generation features practical innovation ... - Advanced Engineering: Business Planning, EFB336, 24790 - Business Project : Marketing, 26100 ...

    ISBN : 9780470876411