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    Edition #1

    Lorraine Nordmann

    ... practice beauty therapy. Combining theory and practice in one easy-to-use book, Professional Beauty Therapy covers ... with the latest industry trends, Professional Beauty Therapy will provide your students with ...

    ISBN : 9780170183116

    Edition #5


    ... Edition of the bestselling textbook, Professional Beauty Therapy: Level 3 by Lorraine Nordmann ... this Edition New 'Business of Beauty Therapy' chapter includes coverage of employment ...

    ISBN : 9781473734777

    Edition #4

    Lorraine Nordmann's bestselling textbook, Professional Beauty: The Official Guide to Level ... to include everything today's advanced beauty therapy student needs to pass their ...

    ISBN : 9781473710634

    Edition #4

    ... with both students and lecturers. Professional Beauty Therapy boasts a revised art programme ... and activities ensure Level 3 Professional Beauty Therapy students have all the essential ...

    ISBN : 9781408019283