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    Best Matching Products for psychiatric case studies for advanced practice
    Best Matching Products for psychiatric case studies for advanced practice
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    ... -centered psychiatric care, with Psychiatric Case Studies for Advanced Practice. Created to support advanced practice nurses treating psychiatric cases, this ...

    ISBN : 9781496367822

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    Swanson, Jane L.; Fouad, Nadya

    Career Theory and Practice: Learning Through Case Studies is designed to illustrate the ... through a series of rich case studies. Authors Jane L. Swanson and ...

    ISBN : 9781544333663

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    ... Waste Management: International Best Practices and Case Studies begin with a brief summary ...

    ISBN : 9780128170304

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    Banks, Ken; Gabriel, Peter; Drayton, Bill

    ... to find a solution. These cases do not gloss over the ... have a global impact, each case study draws out the lessons learnt ...

    ISBN : 9780749475918

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    ... Chapter 2: The Essentials of Psychiatric Nursing Care Chapter 3: Major ... Theoretical Frameworks for Psychiatric Nursing Chapter 4: Mental Disorders ...

    ISBN : 9780763775995

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    Waldmann, Herbert; Janning, Petra; Waldmann, Herbert; Janning, Petra

    ... - Learning through Case Studies", this sequel features 27 new case studies, reflecting the ...

    ISBN : 9783527336111

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    Swanborn, Peter

    How should case studies be selected? Is case study methodology fundamentally different to that ... ? What, in fact, is a case?Case Study Research: What, Why and How ...

    ISBN : 9781849206129

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    ... : Case Study Inquiry 10 Chapter 1.11: Case Study Inquiry 11 Chapter 1.12: Case Study ... Inquiry 12 Chapter 1.13: Case Study ...

    ISBN : 9780763776138

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    Jethwaney, Jaishri

    A first-of-its-kind book on social sector communication in India that combines concepts with hands-on skillsBuy New

    ISBN : 9789351508144

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    ... : A New Model for Advanced Practice Nursing is written by DNPs ...

    ISBN : 9781449687137

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    Gandy, Joan; Gandy, Joan

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    ISBN : 9781119655978

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    Weiner, Irving B.; Weiner, Irving B.

    A unique case study book, Adult Psychopathology Case Studies presents adult client case studies that describe the ... methods. Adult Psychopathology Case Studies includes thirteen full-length case studies in the following ...

    ISBN : 9780471273400