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    Edition #7


    ... for commonly encountered disorders, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing" 7th Edition provides a practical focus on ...

    ISBN : 9781496357038

    Edition #2


    ... 10: Holistic Nursing and Complementary Modalities Part Two: Mental Health Disorders Chapter 11 ... Health Standards of Nursing Practice Appendix II Common NANDA-I Diagnosis Used in Psychiatric ...

    ISBN : 9781449651749

    Edition #8

    Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, 8th Edition Sheila L. Videbeck, PhD, RN ... the latest evidence-based findings in psychiatric nursing. -Self-Awareness features foster your personal ...

    ISBN : 9781975116378

    Cottler, Linda; Cottler, Linda

    ... and environmental risk factors for psychiatric disorders, as well as ideas ... and include such public health concerns as Veteran's mental health, mental health disparities among minorities ...

    ISBN : 9780199735945

    Edition #1

    Hall, Michelle; Hall, Scott

    ... health care in order to both ensure the psychological and emotional well-being ... best practices for all mental health and health care professionals Presents extensive case ...

    ISBN : 9780826128935

    Edition #7


    Exploring the full psychiatric nursing curriculum, from theoretical foundations to ... commonly encountered disorders, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, 7th Edition provides a practical focus on ...

    ISBN : 9781975111786

    Edition #5
    Edition #1

    Jones, Adrian; Jones, Adrian

    Nurse Prescribing in Mental health is a practical handbook for mental health nurses who are being training ... and pharmacology as applied to mental health nursing Running through all of the ...

    ISBN : 9781405170925

    Edition #1

    Cattan, Mima

    ... and literature reviews."Cathe Gaskell, Nursing Standard (Volume 24, January 2010 ... being a key theme for mental health and well-being by adults in later ...

    ISBN : 9780335228928

    Edition #8

    Margaret Jordan Halter

    ... of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, 8th Edition is the most comprehensive RN psychiatric nursing text on ... the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (DSM-5 ...

    ISBN : 9780323389679