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Search results for psychology from inquiry to understanding

    Social Science 2E, Sc

    Gerard Delanty

    ... of the social sciences. From the positivist dispute on explanation vs. understanding to ... in the philosophy of social science. He argues that social science is an intellectual ...

    ISBN : 9780335217212

    Web Social Science: Concepts, Data and Tools for Social Scientists in the Digital Age

    Robert Ackland

    Course Codes : , SOCR5005

    ... behaviour. Situating social sciences in the digital age, this book aids: * understanding of ... long-standing social science research questions * appreciation of how social science can facilitate an understanding of ...

    ISBN : 9781849204828

    Diagnosis and Beyond: Counselling Psychology Contributions to Understanding Human Distress

    Martin Milton

    ... Diagnosis and Beyond: Counselling psychology contributions to understanding human distress explores forms ...

    ISBN : 9781906254377

    Analysis of Multivariate Social Science Data

    David J. Bartholomew

    ... of Multivariate Social Science Data, Second Editionenables a basic understanding of how to ... use key multivariate methods in the social sciences. ...

    ISBN : 9781584889601

    Writing Guidlines Social Science Students

    Lisa Emerson

    Course Codes :

    ... teachers alike. Writing Guidelines for Social Science Students is essential reading for ... design undergraduate assignments in the social sciences., ARCY3011 Buy New, Buy New ...

    ISBN : 9780170212939

    The Origins of American Social Science

    Dorothy Ross

    ... Professor Ross argues that American social science receives its distinctive stamp from ... shows how each of the social science disciplines, while developing their inherited ...

    ISBN : 9780521428361

    Ideas and Influence: Social Science and Public Policy in Australia

    Peter Saunders

    ... thinkers examine the relations between social science research, informed public opinion and ... relationships between research in the social sciences and policy outcomes. The book ...

    ISBN : 9780868409146

    The Olympic Games: A Social Science Perspective

    Kristine Toohey

    "The Olympic Games: A Social Science Perspective" presents a broad, multi-disciplinary ...

    ISBN : 9780851998091

    Understanding the Research Process

    Paul Oliver

    Understanding the Research Process helps students understand the use of specialist vocabulary ... and terminology of educational and social science ...

    ISBN : 9781849201124

    Psychology Applied to Modern Life: Adjustment in the 21st Century

    Elizabeth Hammer

    ... book shows you how psychology helps you understand yourself and the world-and ...

    ISBN : 9781285459950

    Doing a Literature Review: Releasing the Social Science Research Imagination

    Christopher Hart

    ... text offers students across the social sciences and humanities a practical and ... (D820) The Challenge of the Social Sciences. 'I have been waiting for ...

    ISBN : 9780761959755

    Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Nursing and Midwifery: Towards a Critical Social Science

    Jon Adams

    Course Codes : , NURS2163

    This book explores the historical, social, political and cultural facets of integration between complementary and alternative medicine and nursing/midwifery. It examines the ever-expanding integration in relation to: * ...

    ISBN : 9780415368476