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    The second edition of this market leading textbook, with a multimedia-integrated approach to the presentation of Chemistry for Australian and New Zealand University students!This is the second edition of this market ...

    ISBN : 9781118618158

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    Chemistry 2E + Learning Two Semester Registration Card + SI Chemical Data 6E + SI Chemical Data 6E E-textBuy New

    ISBN : 9781118580769

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    Allan Blackman

    Chemistry 2E + Wiley Plus Blackboard Card + SI Chemical Data 7EBuy New

    ISBN : 9780730309987

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    Gordon H. Aylward

    ... first year undergraduate students - SI Chemical Data 6th edition presents the properties ... of key chemicals used for experiments in easy ...

    ISBN : 9781118534373

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    ... clear understanding of how data virtualization really works. Data Virtualization for Business ... comprehensive understanding of how data virtualization will make data warehouse environments more ...

    ISBN : 9780123944252

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    Iafrate, Fernando; Iafrate, Fernando

    ... via information (related to the data), knowledge (related to people and ... huge increase in volume of data traffic, and its format (unstructured ...

    ISBN : 9781848217553

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    Crocker, Angela

    ... be done? Yes! 'Declutter Your Data' is for anyone who is ... efficient way to access your data, then keep reading. The Ten ...

    ISBN : 9781770402973

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    Haider, Murtaza

    Getting Started with Data Science takes its approach from ...

    ISBN : 9780133991024

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    ... Chemical Pollutants, A Complete Guide, Second Edition promotes the knowledge of data ... . The three phases of environmental chemical data collection (planning, implementation, and assessment ...

    ISBN : 9780128032022