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    The Electronic Reporter: Broadcast Journalism in Australia

    Barbara Alysen

    Course Codes : , COM10081 , JRN3004 , 2523LHS

    The Electronic Reporter has become a staple for all tertiary journalism students in Australia. The expanded and updated 3rd edition explores the way broadcast journalism has changed in recent years and what we can expect ...

    ISBN : 9781742233178

    Midwifery Continuity of Care: A Practical Guide

    Caroline Homer

    Course Codes : , MWF30002

    The many pressures on maternity services such as escalating intervention rates, rising costs, and midwife and doctor shortages has resulted in a growing interest in how midwifery continuity of care can be provided. " ...

    ISBN : 9780729538442

    Manual of High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery

    Elizabeth S. Gilbert

    Course Codes : , MID442 , 401036 , 401091 , NURS2026 , MWF20003

    The only book of its kind, "Manual of High Risk Pregnancy & Delivery" provides a complete resource for care of this special patient and her complex needs. It helps you provide positive outcomes with coverage of today's ...

    ISBN : 9780323072533

    Developing Number Knowledge: Assessment, Teaching and Intervention with 7-11 Year Olds

    Robert J. Wright

    Course Codes : , EDU10294

    Following the great success of the earlier books, this fourth book in the Mathematics Recovery series equips teachers with detailed pedagogical knowledge and resources for teaching number to 7 to 11-year olds. Drawing on ...

    ISBN : 9780857020611

    Writing for the Stage: A Practical Playwriting Guide

    Clark, Leroy

    Course Codes : , ENG00407

    With skills-focused exercises ranging from beginning to advanced levels, Writing for the Stage takes students through the creative process to develop a stageworthy script. The purpose of Writing for the Stage: A ...

    ISBN : 9780205412976

    Administrative Power and the Law: A Succinct Guide to Administrative Law

    Fiona McKenzie

    Course Codes : , LAW10068

    Administrative Power and the Law provides readers with a refreshing take on administrative law. The work is a concise summary of administrative law principles and how they apply in practice. The author believes that ...

    ISBN : 9780977532605

    Analysing Policy: What's the problem represented to be?

    Bacchi, Carol

    Course Codes : , POL20001

    This book offers a novel approach to thinking about public policy and a distinctive methodology for analysing policy. It introduces a set of six questions that probe how 'problems' are represented in policies, followed ...

    ISBN : 9780733985751

    Clinical Exercise: a case-based approach

    Melainie Cameron

    Course Codes : , CEP03362 , EXSS5065

    This text provides a cased-based approach to clinical exercises practice for students and therapists delivering exercise as therapy. The text is divided into two sections: Section One is a review of current scientific ...

    ISBN : 9780729539418

    Social Work and Human Service Practice

    O'Connor, Ian; Wilson, Jill; Setterlund, Deborah; Hughes, Mark

    Course Codes : , CSL00113 , CSL00114 , WEL91003 , SWSP1033

    For use in Introduction to Social Work and Human Service courses at undergraduate or post graduate levels. Social Work and Human Services 5e retains all the positive aspects of the fourth edition by continuing to ...

    ISBN : 9781741039061

    Elements of the Nature and Properties of Soils

    Brady, Nyle, C.; Weil, Raymond, R.

    Course Codes : , AGR00214 , AGR3LS

    For undergraduate courses in Introduction to Soils, Fundamentals of Soil Science, and Soil Management. With an emphasis on the fundamentals, this book explores the important world of soils and the principles that can be ...

    ISBN : 9780135014332

    Introduction to Limnology

    Stanley I. Dodson

    Course Codes : , BIO01204

    This text includes the basic foundation information of limnology in an appropriate length for a one-semester course. It is written for intermediate undergraduate college students with some science background, including ...

    ISBN : 9780072879353

    Wide Sargasso Sea: Student Edition

    Jean Rhys

    Course Codes : , ENG00400 , ENGL1800 , CWR312 , ENGL2070

    Her grand attempt to tell what she felt was the story of Jane Eyre's 'madwoman in the attic', Bertha Rochester, Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea is edited with an introduction and notes by Angela Smith in Penguin Classics. ...

    ISBN : 9780141182858