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    Best Matching Products for student nurse books
    Best Matching Products for student nurse books
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    Clarke, Nicola

    ... being person-centred and empatheticThe Student Nurse's Guide to Successful Reflection is ... of knowledge for mental health nursing students and is relevant now as ...

    ISBN : 9780335262281

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    Aston, Liz; Strouther, Lesley

    ... Hallam University, UKBy students ... for students!Co-published with the Nursing Standard, this fun ... to being a student nurse is written by student nurses for student nurses. The book offers ...

    ISBN : 9780335244751

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    Benbow, Wendy; Jordan, Gill

    ... essential background knowledge that preregistration nursing students need as a foundation for ... core information. A Handbook for Student Nurses is widely recommended in institutions ...

    ISBN : 9781908625571

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    Rosser, Megan; Walsh, Helen; Rosser, Megan; Walsh, Helen

    Fundamentals of Palliative Care for Student Nurses is a thorough yet accessible ... Fundamentals of Palliative Care for Student Nurses focuses on this area with ...

    ISBN : 9781118437803

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    ... invaluable to students starting out on a pre-registration nursing course. Covering ... undergraduates across all aspects of student life.This book will help ...

    ISBN : 9780702045790

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    Peate, Ian; Peate, Ian

    ... companion to any pre-registration nursing course! Packed with advice, hints ... With case studies from real students, hands-on activities and suggestions ...

    ISBN : 9781118393789

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    Denieul, Valerie; Robinson, Julia

    ... work with, and newly learned nursing theory to put into practice ... top tips provided by current nursing students – this guidance is really ...

    ISBN : 9781908625618

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    Jinks, Annette M.

    ... that have relevance to contemporary nursing and health care practice. It ... research into aspects of clinical nursing care, management and education. The ...

    ISBN : 9781138612266

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    Rogers, Katherine; Scott, William

    ... qualified and student nurses."Amy Hutchinson, Student Nurse, University of Ulster, UK"From a nursing student perspective ... for all student nurses (regardless of branch), newly qualified nurses and nurses returning to ...

    ISBN : 9780335242238

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    Johnson G Et Al

    First published in 2010. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780273720201