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Search results for tax210 : understanding taxation law 2017

    Understanding Common Law Legislation

    Bennion, F.A.R.

    ... and apply the common law. The common law world largely operates through ... his prolific writings on statute law and statutory interpretation to provide ...

    ISBN : 9780199564101

    Australian Taxation Law Cases 2017

    Richard Krever

    Course Codes : 3106AFE , BUSL320 , LAWS7012

    ... to support interpretation of Australian legislation. Every major aspect of the ... have been thoroughly revised. Australian Taxation Law Cases 2017 enhances tax teaching and ...

    ISBN : 9780455239361

    Understanding Business Law: LexisNexis Custom Publication for Curtin University, Business Law, 3rd edition


    Understanding Business Law: LexisNexis Custom Publication for Curtin University, Business Law, 3rd ed is ... , Sangkuhl and Do, Understanding Business Law, 8th ed, 2017. It provides a concise ...

    ISBN : 9780409343861

    Understanding Contract Law a Practical Guide

    M Giancaspro

    ... or construction who need to understand contract law. It provides a concise ... Guide - Contract Law, 2015 Viglianti, Understanding Real Property Law, 2015 Buy New

    ISBN : 9780409344141

    Understanding Business Law

    Stephen Graw

    Course Codes : , 200432 , ZBUS2101 , MHC606 , LAWS5061 , 79708

    Understanding Business Law 7E is a textbook for students studying commercial law at Australian ... Business Law, EFB336, MHC606 - Business Law, EFB336, LAWS5061 - Commercial Law 1 ...

    ISBN : 9780409338157

    Understanding Business Law

    S Graw

    Course Codes : BUSN1101 , BUSN7052

    Understanding Business Law, 8th Edition by Stephen Graw, ... , banking and payment systems, employment law and business ethics. The authors ...

    ISBN : 9780409343083

    Understanding Company Law

    Phillip Lipton

    Course Codes : CLAW2201 , , MLL221 , CLAW1003

    Understanding Company Law 19th edition is a leading text for both undergraduate law and ... business law students of corporations law. This edition ...

    ISBN : 9780455240213

    Understanding International Law

    Conway W. Henderson

    Understanding International Law presents a comprehensive, accessible introduction ... the various aspects of international law while addressing its interrelationship with ...

    ISBN : 9781405197656

    Understanding Business Law Curtin Custom Publication


    Course Codes :

    Understanding Business Law Curtin Custom Publication, EFB336 Buy New

    ISBN : 9780409338560

    Taxation Law

    Elfriede Sangkuhl

    Course Codes : 200019
    Universities : Western Sydney University

    ... series, deals with taxation law. LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Taxation Law is designed to ... for examinations. It provides an understanding of taxation law and gives a clear ...

    ISBN : 9780409340600

    Understanding Real Property Law

    K Viglianti-Northway

    Forthcoming Publication date: November, 2015 Understanding Real Property Law by Karena Viglianti-Northway is ... real estate who need to understand property law. Format: Paperback Once published ...

    ISBN : 9780409340624

    Tax Kit 5 2018 (Principles of Taxation Law 2018 / Fundamental Tax Legislation 2018/ Australian Taxation Law Cases 2018)


    This pack contains Fundamental Tax Legislation 2018 (ISBN: 9780455240701), Principles of Taxation Law 2018 (ISBN: 9780455240688) and Australian Taxation Law Cases 2018 (ISBN: 9780455240725). Buy New

    ISBN : 9780455240879