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    Best Matching Products for the clinical placement 3rd edition
    Best Matching Products for the clinical placement 3rd edition
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    University of Monash

    ... Interpersonal Skills for Health Professionals, 3rd Edition Psychology for Health Professionals, 2nd ... , 5th Edition The Clinical Placement: An essential guide for nursing students, 3rd Edition Potter and ...

    ISBN : 9780729554800

    22% Off

    ... between microbial pathogens. The new edition sets out to provide the ...

    ISBN : 9780723432371

    17% Off

    Kent, Raymond, D.; Shriberg, Lawrence, D.

    ... dialect. This newly revised edition of Clinical Phonetics preserves the strengths of ... the earlier editions but offers significant ...

    ISBN : 9781292041919

    5% Off

    Austin, Lucy

    All radiotherapy students have toundertake clinical placements. These are daunting and challenging ... to help them in these placements. It is intended as acompanion ...

    ISBN : 9781908625267

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    Masaaki Kotabe

    International Marketing, Third Asia-Pacific edition, has been updated to reflect ... and accessible style. International Marketing, Third Asia-Pacific edition, aims to help Australasian ...

    ISBN : 9781742166032

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    ... Science: Concepts, Procedures, and Clinical Applications, 8th Edition offers a fundamental overview ... learn to confidently perform routine clinical laboratory tests with accurate, effective ...

    ISBN : 9780323530828

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    Schacter, D.

    This globally-focused and renowned textbook spans the entire discipline of psychology - from the fundamental principles of psychology as a science, to more nuanced approaches in core disciplines such as cognitive, ...

    ISBN : 9781352004830

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    ... Comprehensive Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Competencies, Third Edition, while employing critical thinking ...

    ISBN : 9781401881252

    17% Off

    Kazdin, Alan, E.

    ... criteria for conducting and evaluating clinical research. This text's emphasis is ... , thinking, and acquiring knowledge.This revised edition includes several new topics, as ...

    ISBN : 9781292042787

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    This custom edition is published specifically for Griffith University.Buy New

    ISBN : 9781486015368

    22% Off

    Leah M. Hechtman

    ... is a foundation clinical text integrating the holistic traditional ...

    ISBN : 9780729541923

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    Couser, Geoffrey; Walls, Justin

    ... students of medical and clinical science and Clinical Cases in Fluid and ... tests. Linking biomedical science with clinical applications provides a deeper learning ...

    ISBN : 9780070165625