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    Edition #2E

    Lynelle N.B. Pierce

    ... everything the nurse or other health care professional needs for safe ... in a complete, easy to understand guide.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780721603971

    Edition #1

    Whitten, Pam

    Understanding Health Communications Technologies provides a hands-on ... technologies in health settings. Employing case studies that enhance understanding and insight ...

    ISBN : 9781118834121

    Edition #11

    Understanding Health Insurance, Eleventh Edition, is the essential learning tool ... necessity, and common health insurance plans. The eleventh edition has been updated ...

    ISBN : 9781133283737

    Edition #12

    Understanding Health Insurance, 12th Edition, is the essential learning tool ... necessity, and common health insurance plans. The twelfth edition has been updated ...

    ISBN : 9781285737522

    Edition #8


    UNDERSTANDING BASIC STATISTICS, INTERNATIONAL METRIC EDITION provides plenty of guidance and informal advice as it demonstrates the links between statistics and the real world.Buy New

    ISBN : 9781337782180

    Hurrelmann, Klaus; Richter, Matthias

    ... coping theories, all of which understand health as an interaction between people ... demands during the life course. Understanding Public Health: Productive Processing of Internal ...

    ISBN : 9780367360733

    Edition #1

    Keleher, Helen; Keleher, Helen; Murphy, Berni; Murphy, Berni; MacDougall, Colin; MacDougall, Colin

    ... and the social determinants of health, Understanding Health Promotion draws on the authors' ... strategic approaches to health promotion practice. It considers health promotion from the ...

    ISBN : 9780195552942

    Dryden, Windy

    ... - to provide an understanding of psychological health. Each chapter looks at ... : flexibility acceptance self-motivation resilience. Understanding Psychological Health will be of great interest ...

    ISBN : 9780415566353

    Edition #1

    Roberts, Marc

    ... evaluating different approaches to mental health care, giving crucial space to ... Tackling the complex and challenging, Understanding Mental Health: Guides students through the ...

    ISBN : 9781526404480

    Edition #7

    Understanding Health Insurance: A Guide to Professional Billing, 7th edition, is a comprehensive guide ... completion of health insurance claims. The objectives of this edition are to ...

    ISBN : 9781401837914

    Edition #10

    Understanding Health Insurance, Tenth Edition is fully updated to the ... billing and reimbursement. With Understanding Health Insurance, Tenth Edition, you will learn about ...

    ISBN : 9781111035181

    Edition #8

    Understanding Health Insurance: A Guide to Billing and Reimbursement, 8th Edition is a comprehensive ... source for teaching the subject of health insurance ...

    ISBN : 9781401895952