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    Understanding Pathophysiology ANZ Adaptation 2nd Edition + Pathophysiology online access code (with new copies only)

    Judy Craft

    Course Codes : 91530 , CXA310

    Understanding Pathophysiology, 2nd Edition has been extensively revised to ... case material and pharmacology of pathophysiology, in an easy-to-understand and accessible ...

    ISBN : 9780729554107

    Understanding Pathophysiology

    Sue E. Huether

    ... mechanisms of disease with "Understanding Pathophysiology, 5th Edition". Filled with vibrant illustrations and ... by online resources that bring pathophysiology concepts to life, this easy-to-read ...

    ISBN : 9780323078917

    Understanding Pathophysiology, 6th Edition

    Sue E. Huether, Kathryn L. McCance

    Master the important pathophysiology concepts you need to know ... resources that bring pathophysiology concepts to life, Understanding Pathophysiology, 6th Edition continues its tradition ...

    ISBN : 9780323354097

    Understanding Financial Statements, Global Edition

    Fraser, Lyn, M.; Ormiston, Aileen

    ... Analysis. An Analytical Approach to Understanding and Interpreting Business Financial Statements ... condition and performance. The Eleventh Edition includes new case studies based ...

    ISBN : 9781292101552

    Understanding Troubled Minds Updated Edition A guide to mental il

    Sidney Bloch

    ... strides being made in the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses. ... thoroughly readable, this updated edition of Understanding Troubled Minds serves as a ...

    ISBN : 9780522866728

    Understanding Theatre KTB101 (Custom Edition)


    This custom edition is published for the Queensland University of Technology. Buy New

    ISBN : 9781486011322

    Value Pack Understanding Weather & Climate Global Edition + MasteringMeteorology with eText

    Aguado & Burt

    ... 1 copy of Understanding Weather & Climate Global Edition and 1 printed ... Learning About Atmospheric Processes. Aguado/Burts Understanding Weather and Climate illustrates meteorology ...

    ISBN : 9781488688379

    Understanding and Developing Science Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge: 2nd Edition

    J. John Loughran

    There has been a growing interest in the notion of a scholarship of teaching. Such scholarship is displayed through a teacher's grasp of, and response to, the relationships between knowledge of content, teaching and ...

    ISBN : 9789460917882

    Law Student Survival Guide 2nd Ed.

    Claire Macken

    Course Codes : LLB110
    Universities : University of Wollongong

    ... Guide! Now in its second edition, author Claire Macken draws on ... in your planned study times Understand the process of summarising, and ...

    ISBN : 9780455227504

    Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry 2nd Ed

    Legrand, Willy ; Sloan, Philip; Chen, Joseph S.

    Course Codes : , HOS201 , MHE614 , MNG00912

    ... facing the world. A clear understanding of the issues surrounding climate ... in the Hospitality Industry, second edition, is the only book available ...

    ISBN : 9780415531245

    Aust Guide to Unif Legal Citation 2nd Ed

    Pearl Rozenberg

    Course Codes : , TABL3023

    ... Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 2nd Edition, is a convenient guide to ...

    ISBN : 9780455219219