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    Saeed, John I.; Saeed, John I.

    ISBN : 9781118430163

    26% Off

    Schaper, Michael

    ISBN : 9781118362549

    Best Matching Products for university of adelaide second hand textbooks
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    Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing ANZ 5th edition continues as the most comprehensive, go-to reference for developing the core aspects of professional nursing care in Australia and New Zealand. With a clear framework ...

    ISBN : 9780729542920

    100% Off

    Saeed, John I.; Saeed, John I.

    Course Codes : LIN2MKM , LIN3SEM , FR2700

    ... is a Fellow of Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland, where he ...

    ISBN : 9781118430163

    26% Off

    Schaper, Michael

    Now in its 4th Asia-Pacific edition, the internationally acclaimed author team of Entrepreneurship and Small Business have revised their market-leading text with a simple pedagogy and a clear purpose. Starting and ...

    ISBN : 9781118362549

    27% Off

    Brown, Theodore, L.

    In response to market request, we have created the third Australian edition of the US bestseller, Chemistry: The Central Science. An extensive revision has taken this text to new heights! Triple checked for scientific ...

    ISBN : 9781442554603

    45% Off

    Clarke, Maggie ; Pittaway, Sharon

    Course Codes : , ED2491 , EED442 , EED502 , EEP441 , EPT441 , ESH102 , EDMT901 , EDSC1005 , EDUC2001 , EDUP2010

    Marsh's Becoming a Teacher, 6th Edition continues to offer pre-service teachers a practical and user-friendly guide to learning to teach that students find invaluable throughout their entire degree. Marsh covers a ...

    ISBN : 9781442561861

    55% Off


    Acclaimed for its clear, friendly style, excellent illustrations, leading author team, and compelling theme of exploration, Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain, 4e takes a fresh, contemporary approach to the study of ...

    ISBN : 9780781778176

    45% Off

    Winch, Gordon

    Literacy: Reading, Writing and Children's Literature 5th Edition; is the most comprehensive textbook in English Education available in Australia for pre-service teachers. It covers the whole literacy curriculum: reading ...

    ISBN : 9780195521160

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    Paul Krugman

    Course Codes : , MAE302 , AGEC5403 , ECON3003 , ECON3510

    ... , and Marc Melitz of Harvard University continues to set the standard ...

    ISBN : 9781486025428

    23% Off

    Bates, G

    Environmental Law in Australia provides a clear and authoritative discussion of the fundamental principles underpinning all environmental initiatives. The author explains how the involvement of the law adds value to the ...

    ISBN : 9780409341935

    20% Off

    Steers, Richard M.

    This is the first Australasian edition of Management across Cultures. It explores cross-cultural management, presenting strategies and tactics for managing international assignments and global teams., MGMT2102 - Managing ...

    ISBN : 9781316604359