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    Government Contracts: Federal, State and Local

    Nicholas Seddon

    ... developments and legislation relating to government contracting (principally procurement). Authoritative and ... respected Government Contracts has been referred to ...

    ISBN : 9781862877405

    Government Contracts

    Seddon, Nicholas

    Course Codes : 6631

    ... sector counterparts doing business with government, will find indispensable. Presented in ... developments and legislation relating to government contracting, including procurement and outsourcing. ...

    ISBN : 9781862879133

    Government and Politics in Australia

    Fenna, Alan; Robbins, Jane; Summers, John

    Course Codes : POL101 , POLS10001

    ... system. A strengthened focus on government and politics ensures that this ... structure and institutions of Australian government, as well as political parties ...

    ISBN : 9781486000517

    Government Accountability: Australian Administrative Law

    Judith Bannister

    Course Codes : , 70617 , MLL324 , LAWS3002

    ... introduces the multifaceted nature of government, its structure, powers and actions. ... the overarching concept of accountability. Government Accountability is a concise introduction ...

    ISBN : 9781107667884

    Government Powers under a Federal Constitution: Constitutional Law in Australia

    John Pyke

    Government Powers under a Federal Constitution ... the branches of the Commonwealth Government, but also, and quite necessarily ...

    ISBN : 9780455238999

    Government Law and Policy

    Bryan Horrigan

    ... commercial/business sectors or which involve government in these sectors. Written with ... act for or against government, government lawyers and government officials and policy advisers ...

    ISBN : 9781862872578

    Government and Business in Volatile Times (Pearson Original Edition)

    Van Acker, Elizabeth; Curran, Giorel

    Course Codes : , 1004GIR , POLI3001

    ... volatile political and economic climate.  Government and Business in Volatile Times ... , all contributing authors demonstrate that governments remain central players in both ...

    ISBN : 9781486004812

    Government and Democracy in Australia

    Cook, Ian; Walsh, Mary; Harwood, Jeffrey

    Course Codes : POLI1013

    ... to the important aspects of government and democracy in Australia, by ...

    ISBN : 9780195561715

    Government Politics Power & Policy in Australia 9ed + AccessCode

    Woodward P

    Course Codes :

    , EFB336 Buy New, Buy New

    ISBN : 9314994244786

    The Role of Government in East Asian Economic Development

    Aoki, Masahiko; Kim, Hyung-Ki; Okuno-Fujiwara, Masahiro

    ... market-friendly view, according to which government intervenes little in the market ... have important comparative advantages over government, in particular in their ability ...

    ISBN : 9780198294917

    Law and Government in Australia

    Matthew Groves

    ... important legal issues relevant to government include: Matthew Groves who details ... Fuller. She asks whether some government decision-making is just not suited ...

    ISBN : 9781862875883