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    Government Contracts: Federal, State and Local

    Nicholas Seddon

    ... developments and legislation relating to government contracting (principally procurement). Authoritative and ... respected Government Contracts has been referred to ...

    ISBN : 9781862877405

    Government Contracts: Federal, State and Local

    Nicholas Seddon

    Course Codes : 6631

    ... sector counterparts doing business with government, will find indispensable. Presented in ... developments and legislation relating to government contracting, including procurement and outsourcing. ...

    ISBN : 9781862879133

    Government Accountability: Australian Administrative Law

    Judith Bannister

    Course Codes : , 70617 , LAWS808 , MLL324

    ... introduces the multifaceted nature of government, its structure, powers and actions. ... the overarching concept of accountability. Government Accountability is a concise introduction ...

    ISBN : 9781107667884

    Government and Politics in Australia

    Fenna, Alan; Robbins, Jane; Summers, John

    Course Codes : POLS10001
    Universities : University of Melbourne

    ... system. A strengthened focus on government and politics ensures that this ... structure and institutions of Australian government, as well as political parties ...

    ISBN : 9781486000517

    Government Powers Under a Federal Constitution: Consti Law in AU

    John Pyke

    Government Powers under a Federal Constitution ... the branches of the Commonwealth Government, but also, and quite necessarily ...

    ISBN : 9780455238999

    Government and Business in Volatile Times (Pearson Original Edition)

    Van Acker, Elizabeth; Curran, Giorel

    Course Codes : , 1004GIR , POLI3001

    ... volatile political and economic climate.  Government and Business in Volatile Times ... , all contributing authors demonstrate that governments remain central players in both ...

    ISBN : 9781486004812

    Government Law and Policy

    Bryan Horrigan

    ... commercial/business sectors or which involve government in these sectors. Written with ... act for or against government, government lawyers and government officials and policy advisers ...

    ISBN : 9781862872578

    Government and Democracy in Australia

    Cook, Ian; Walsh, Mary; Harwood, Jeffrey

    Course Codes : POLI1013

    ... to the important aspects of government and democracy in Australia, by ...

    ISBN : 9780195561715

    Government Politics Power & Policy in Australia 9ed + AccessCode

    Woodward P

    Course Codes : , POL101

    , ARCY3011, POL101 - Australian Politics in Global Context Buy New

    ISBN : 9314994244786

    The Nazi Dictatorship: Problems and Perspectives of Interpretation

    Ian Kershaw

    Course Codes : , HIST2005 , HIST3640

    The Nazi Dictatorship has become the classic exploration ...

    ISBN : 9780340760284

    The Role of Government in East Asian Economic Development

    Aoki, Masahiko; Kim, Hyung-Ki; Okuno-Fujiwara, Masahiro

    ... market-friendly view, according to which government intervenes little in the market ... have important comparative advantages over government, in particular in their ability ...

    ISBN : 9780198294917

    Funding the Future: Financial Sustainability and Infrastructure Finance in Australian Local Government

    Brian Dollery (University of New England, Australia)

    ... past several decades, Australian local government has faced relentless financial pressures. ... financial sustainability in Australian local government. It focuses on Australian fiscal ...

    ISBN : 9781862878983