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Boys' Stuff: Boys Talking About What Matters

Boys' Stuff: Boys Talking About What Matters

ISBN 9781865085555
Publication Date
Publisher Allen & Unwin
What do guys think about friends, parents, sex, sport, drugs and everything else that matters? In Boys' Stuff, teenagers write about their lives. It's honest, raw and real. They talk about what the rules are, how they break them, and what's really cool. If I haven't done it by the time I'm 21, I'm going to cut it off and become a monk. Johnny My room smells of eleven summers, winters, autumns and springs. It smells of the body odour released after a restless night's sleep and the deodorant which is in a constant battle to fight it. Bryan You're supposed to go to the footy, you're supposed to drink a six-pack every week and you're supposed to watch action movies over and over again. I don't like football, I don't like cricket, and I can cook. I think being a man is whatever you want it to be. Andrew I've never really attempted suicide. I merely went through the motions, seeing what the pain would be like, without committing myself to death.Back then, I had no one to talk to. Keith Funny, tragic, shocking and true, Boys' Stuff is better than fiction.

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