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British Economic Performance 1945-1975

British Economic Performance 1945-1975

ISBN 9780521557900
Publication Date
Publisher Cambridge University Press
The debate over 'Britain in Decline' is one that still rages in the academic, political and public spheres. In this concise study, B. W. E. Alford takes issue with those economists who have a mechanistic approach to the subject. Instead, he examines Britain's economic development since the Second World War within a wider framework of political, social and cultural factors. He discusses topics such as post-war reconstruction, the theory of 'too few producers', the alleged process of de-industrialisation, the role of sterling, business organisation and management, labour relations and the impact of government policy on Britain's economic development. Professor Alford provides a clear introduction to the subject along with a survey of recent literature, yet shows how complex and deep-rooted are the causes of the 'British Disease'.

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