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BSBCMN315A Work effectively with diversity Learner Guide

BSBCMN315A Work effectively with diversity Learner Guide

ISBN 9780733982408
Edition 1
Publisher Pearson Education Australia (TAFE)
Publication Date
This Learner Guide addresses the competency BSBCMN315A Work effectively with diversity. It provides learners with a structured learning pathway of concepts, examples, and activities, addressing each Performance Criteria of the competency standard in a logical fashion.
This Learner Guide will help trainees and students achieve superior learning outcomes as it:
Provides engaging material for learning, designed to increase the participant’s interest in the program and likelihood of completion Is written in relevant, easy-to-read language that facilitates learning Provides numerous activities that develop concepts and reinforce skills Provides clear links between learning and practice Can be used in both workplace and classroom training environments
This Learner Guide will help teachers and trainers of the competency standard by:
Providing a clear and consistent resource for each participant Giving the necessary underpinning knowledge for each participant minimising the need for further handouts and/or preparation Providing a source of assessment activities and/or a component of a portfolio of evidence when complete

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