Building and Managing Enterprise-wide Portals

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Building and Managing Enterprise-wide Portals 9781591406624

ISBN : 9781591406624
Publisher : IGI Publishing
Author(s) :
Overview "Building and Managing Enterprise-Wide Portals" discusses the technology behind portals and grid networks, gives information to the history behind grid technology evolution, and supplies the reader with the knowledge to make qualified managerial decisions. This book looks at next-generation computing platforms and global cyber-infrastructure for solving large-scale problems in science, engineering, and business. "Building and Managing Enterprise-Wide Portals" includes a diverse range of topics, such as deployment considerations, facilities and tools for creating and managing grid and portal applications, including tools for visually linking corporate databases into grid or portal applications. This book also provides an overview of other web technologies, such as EJB and servlets, while comparing them to portals and grids and suggesting how to approach various analysis and design challenges.


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