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Bundle: Contacts : Langue Et Culture Franaises + Sam for Valette/Valett E's Contacts: Langue Et Culture Franaises, 9th +

Course Codes : FNDN300

Bundle: Contacts : Langue Et Culture Franaises + Sam for Valette/Valett E's Contacts: Langue Et Culture Franaises, 9th +

ISBN 9780170271813
Publication Date
Publisher Cengage
One of the most popular and proven introductory French programs available, CONTACTS: LANGUE ET CULTURE FRANÇAISES is renowned for its superior grammar sequencing, four-skills presentation and practice, vocabulary control, and supportive pedagogy. With a bold new design that makes the program more student friendly than ever, the ninth edition continues to reflect the realities of the contemporary French and Francophone worlds and to serve the communication needs of today's students. The program maintains its hallmark strengths of logical progression, clear organization, and solid pedagogy, which have effectively served more than half a million French language students. It also includes a new "Interlude Littéraire" section featuring a variety of reading genres as well as numerous technology enhancements, while continuing to prepare students for work, study, and travel abroad with its practical illustrations and activities. Features: A cornerstone of this popular program is its presentation of grammar structures in manageable, logical steps that enable students to learn language elements and use them in meaningful communication. The CONTACTS program incorporates systematic development of grammar with frequent recycling of previously learned material to help students continue building on what they have learned and maximize their success. Pedagogically sound activities build confidence through contextualized practice of new material, while also incorporating structures and vocabulary that students have already learned. "Notes Culturelles" with follow-up "À votre avis" questions heighten student awareness of cross-cultural similarities and differences and stimulate reflection and lively classroom conversation. Communicative activities at the end of each lesson include task-oriented, paired activities that allow instructors to assess students' self-expression. "Vie pratique" sections prepare students for work, study, and travel abroad with practical how-to vocabulary presented in daily life contexts, supported by related cultural information, sample real-life conversations, and communicative activities. "Images du monde Francophone" sections present engaging illustrated magazine inserts that highlight the geography and history, art and music, personalities, and cultural features of France, Quebec, Africa, and Haiti. New to this Edition: NEW: Included after Units 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10, the all-new "Interlude Littéraire" section features a variety of reading genres. These authentic readings, poetry, and music selections are supported by pre- and post-reading activities to ensure student comprehension. The corresponding Student Activity Manual incorporates additional texts related to the textbook and supplemental reading activities. All readings have been recorded to further develop listening skills. NEW: At the beginning of every unit, "Rencontres Francophones" activities encourage students to learn what people inside and outside their classroom think about a variety of topics. These questions provide students with opportunities to seek connections with communities that extend beyond the academic setting and classroom walls. NEW: The ninth edition includes several technology enhancements, including updates to the iLrn™ Heinle Learning Center, the addition of more than 30 Grammar interactive tutorials and 20 new cultural modules, and additional enrichment to the eBook and instructor tools in the comprehensive online learning system. NEW: A completely revised design improves the user-friendliness of the program. The vocabulary, grammar, culture, and pronunciation sections are each color-coded, providing students with the tools to navigate the content with ease and confidence. NEW: Vocabulary, cultural information, and photographs are thoroughly updated throughout the CONTACTS program, providing students with the most current information available related to Francophone culture. NEW: Activities are revised throughout the program to reflect feedback from current users of the textbook program.

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