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Business, Government, and Society: A Managerial Perspective

Business, Government, and Society: A Managerial Perspective

ISBN 9780078112676
Edition 13
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw-Hill

PART ONE A Framework for Studying Business, Government, and Society 1 The Study of Business, Government, and Society 2 The Dynamic Environment 3 Business Power 4 Critics of Business

PART TWO The Nature and Management of Corporate Responsibility 5 Corporate Social Responsibility 6 Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility

PART THREE Managing Ethics 7 Business Ethics 8 Making Ethical Decisions in Business

PART FOUR Business and Government 9 Business in Politics 10 Regulating Business

PART FIVE Multinational Corporations and Globalization 11 Multinational Corporations 12 Globalization, Trade, and Corruption

PART SIX Corporations and the Natural Environment 13 Industrial Pollution and Environmental Regulation 14 Managing Environmental Quality

PART SEVEN Consumerism 15 Consumerism

PART EIGHT Human Resources 16 The Changing Workplace 17 Civil Rights, Women, and Diversity

PART NINE Corporate Governance 18 Corporate Governance

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