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Business Information Systems: Analysis, Design & Practice

Business Information Systems: Analysis, Design & Practice

ISBN 9780273687924
Edition 5 ed
Publisher Financial Times Prentice Hall
"Well written and stimulating reading." - Thomas W. De Boer, University of GroningenBusiness Information Systems 5th edition offers today's BIS students a comprehensive understanding of how information systems can aid the realisation of business objectives. With equal and clear coverage of the more technical systems aspects of BIS and the softer, more managerial topics, this book is equally useful to BIS students from Business or Computing backgrounds and for students at an Undergraduate or MBA level.Equipped with a wide variety of long, short and extended case studies from across the UK and Europe as well as examples, review questions and exercises throughout the text, students can easily check their understanding and see how their new-found knowledge applies to real-life business situations.The fifth edition includes:*Today's hot topics, such as data warehousing and data mining, knowledge management, ethical issues and responsibility, RAD and extreme programming. *A thorough update of coverage of distributed systems, the internet and web support, ERP, UML, and networks and the organisation.* Updated references and Case Studies throughout*New companion website material including a password protected Instructor's Manual with worked solutions and PowerPoint slides, and free multiple choice questions, web-links and tips for students at www booksites.net/curtis."Provides extensive and comprehensive coverage of core IS topics, including development and design" - Dr Ray Hackney, Manchester Metropolitan UniversityGraham Curtis combines lecturing and developing courses in information systems analysis and design, database and accounting information systems, with research and consultancy and publications in business information systems. He is Head of Modular Programmes at the University of East London.David Cobham is an active lecturer, researcher and consultant in Business Information Systems. His current interests are in information systems development methodologies, e-commerce systems development, decision support systems and project management. He is a Senior Academic in the Faculty of Applied Computer Sciences at the University of Lincoln. www booksites.net/curtis

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