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Business Information Systems: Analysis, Design and Practice

Business Information Systems: Analysis, Design and Practice

ISBN 9780273687924
Edition 5 Rev ed
Publisher Financial Times Prentice Hall
1. Information Systems 2. Strategy and Information Systems 3. Business Information Technology 4. Distributed Systems, Networks and the Organization 5. Business, the World Wide Web, and the Internet 6. Electronic Commerce and Business 7. Decision Support and End-user Computing 8. File Organization and Databases for Business Information Systems 9. Control in Information Systems 10. Information Systems Development: An Overview 11. The Systems Project: Early Stages 12. Process Analysis and Modelling 13. Data Analysis and Modelling 14. Systems Design 15. Detailed Design, Implementation and Review 16. Systems Development: Further Tools, Techniques and Alternative Approaches 17. Expert Systems and Knowledge Bases

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