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C++ Distilled: A Concise ANSI/ISO Reference and Style Guide

C++ Distilled: A Concise ANSI/ISO Reference and Style Guide

ISBN 9780201695878
Publication Date
Publisher Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc
In C++ Distilled, veteran educator and programmer Ira Pohl condenses 700 pages of proposed ANSI standard into a concise road map to C++. Selecting the most important and commonly used language elements, Pohl provides syntax, semantics, and examples, as well as style tips that he has distilled from over two decades of programming experience. C++ Distilled is a quick and handy reference to the most recent additions to the language, many of which have yet to be covered in any other book on C++. Features *Covers the important new features of the language such as STL, namespaces, RTTI, and the bool type. *Special STL section offers reference and example items for this powerful new library, including a description of the string library. *Distills Pohl's extensive experience into effective programming tips. *Allows programmers to quickly review syntax and semantics they may not have recently used. *Provides code for all example programs covered in the book, as well as adjunct programs that illustrate points made in the book. 0201695871B04062001

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