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Cases on Torts

Cases on Torts

ISBN 9781862874299
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Federation Press
This product has been discontinued.
In this new 3rd edition, the authors are joined by Stanley Yeo, Professor of Law, Southern Cross University. Features of the new edition A collection of basic cases illuminating the principles of Australian tort law. The editors allow the cases to speak for themselves in order to give university teachers flexibility in the design of individual torts courses around an uncontroversial core of cases. The significant developments in Australian tort law since the 2nd edition are reflected in the deletion of 63 and addition of 41 cases. Although the most extensive changes have been in the area of negligence, all parts of the book have required revision. As with the 2nd edition, this edition will have the benefit of the publisher's website where edited versions of new cases within the scope of the book may be accessed and downloaded.New cases have been added in relation to fault in trespass, assault, the action on the case for wilful injury, trespass to land, private nuisance, possession and finding, duty of care (which has been revised extensively to take into account the recent jurisprudence of the High Court of Australia including Perre v Apand Pty Ltd, Modbury Triangle Shopping Centre Pty Ltd v Anzil, Tepko Pty Ltd v Water Board and Crimmins v Stevedoring Industry Finance Committee), standard of care, proof of negligence, causation and remoteness of damage, fatal accidents, loss of services, breach of statutory duty, defences, concurrent liability (including the important decisions of the High Court of Australia in Hollis v Vabu Pty Ltd and Scott v Davis) and compensatory and exemplary damages for personal injuries.

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