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Chemical Aspects of Biosynthesis

Chemical Aspects of Biosynthesis

ISBN 9780198556763
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
This clear, straightforward text provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the chemistry involved in the biosynthesis of natural products. It explains the connections between the primary and secondary metabolites, outlines the chemistry mediated by the major enzyme cofactors, and describes the methods for the elucidation of biosynthetic pathways. The different classes of metabolites are then discussed, with an emphasis on the pharmacological and toxicological significance of the various compounds. The ecological significance of a wide variety of natural products is also examined. Contents: Introduction 1 Fatty acids and derivatives 2 Polyketides 3 Terpenoids and steroids: the isoprenoids 4 The shikimic acid pathway: biosynthesis of phenols, lignans, flavonoids, etc. 5 Alkaloids 6 Ecological chemistry References and further reading Index

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