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Chemical Structure and Reactivity: An Integrated Approach

Course Codes : CHEM210, CHEM220

Chemical Structure and Reactivity: An Integrated Approach

ISBN 9780199604135
Edition 2 Rev ed
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication Date
Why do certain substances react together in the way that they do? What determines the shape of molecules? And how can we predict whether a particular reaction will happen at all? Such questions lie at the heart of chemistry - the science of understanding the composition of substances, their reactions, and properties. While often fragmented into the strands of inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry, a full understanding of chemistry can only be gained by seeing the subject as a single, unified whole. Chemical Structure and Reactivity rises to the challenge of depicting the reality of chemistry. Offering a fresh approach to undergraduate teaching, it depicts the subject as a seamless discipline, showing how organic, inorganic, and physical concepts can be blended together to achieve the common goal of understanding chemical systems. With a lively and engaging writing style augmented throughout by purpose-drawn illustrations, and custom-developed online support, Chemical Structure and Reactivity alone makes taking an integrated approach in the teaching of chemistry a realistic proposition. Online Resource Centre: For students: * Custom developed multimedia content linked to the book, enabling students to investigate the concepts and phenomena presented in the book in a fully interactive way. * Question sets to help students master concepts and gain confidence through hands-on engagement. For lecturers: * Fully worked solutions to the exercises available through the Online Resource Centre. For registered adopters of the book: * Figures from the book in electronic format.

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